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    More bits

    That episode was such a fake! Choreographed all the way!
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    Strange encounter with the police...

    Handled one of these. Surprisingly light and easy. Surely really really dangerous criminals would be escorted by army or in one of those honking big lorries rather than a Land Rover.
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    Steve Irwin Has Died

    What has this thread turned into?! Whether you liked him or not Steve's dead and now there is two children fatherless and a young widow left to pick up the pieces. Yes, Steve's passion could been seen as selfish but he had been doing it years before he got married and had responsibilties...
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    Caption Competition Time

    Having passed through Platform 9 3/4, the group of seagulls are disappointed to feel it is somewhat overrated.
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    Steve Irwin Has Died

    But the irony this case it was totally unprovoked. He was merely swimming and didnt notice the Stingray. Tis a tradgedy. Althought he had some unorthadox appraoches he did alot of good for wildlife and opened people eyes. A great man and a great loss. This pictures started going around...
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    MSTS Crash Site

    How did they get such high speeds for the crashes? One i saw was over 600 mph!
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    Brill video!

    Love that song.
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    Oh, I LOVE northern folk

    Nah. I'll say it's south all the way! (Becuase I live here.....maybe!) But it has some advantages. I'm closer to France than London! (Wait, is that such a good thing?!) But there are a few unpleasent people down here. The normal people are nice. The rich folk tend to love in the nice areas of...
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    What?!?!?!? You don't have a girlfriend do you............ Go down and ask your library if you could borrow some books. Or do a google image search.........
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    Failed to load shapes

    Morning all! Just a quick question - whenever i load the Dorset Coast route I get probably up to 100 different error messages about shapes not loading. If I keep my finger on enter then they go away. This also happens whilst i'm driving. The game will suddenly stop and give me these damn...
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    MSTS Errors with Newly Installed Routes

    Ah. Didn't notice that one. Cheers!
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    MSTS Errors with Newly Installed Routes

    Is this the tsection.dat i'm after?
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    What are you listening to?

    White Stripes - kind of anything by them! Then on to a bit of Kings of Leon
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    BVE 4 HST [Now Released]

    If you're thinking of Frankly Jucntion, i did exactly the same! Saw the approching station, said "oh sh*t" (hope PA isn't on!) and slammed on the emergency brakes. Managed to stop just in time!
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    Bakerloo Line Progress [merged]

    The message has changed on the Bakerloo page from postponed to "Coming very soon." Heehee. Can't wait. In the meantime i've got three letters to play with. H, S and T!!!!!!!!
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    Virtual Tube BVE

    I have applied Rich and am a very proud District Line driver!
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    Virtual Tube BVE

    I think it sounds quite good. I'll go in with an open mind. (Primarily 'cos i know no different)
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    Bowes Park Idiot...

    I was standing at Poole Station once and this teenager came cycling down the steps of the footbridge, veered well over the yellow line nearly knocking me and some old man onto the tracks and 3rd rail.
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    Some Questions From An Inexperienced Moron!

    It's free. (Though looking at it it is a professional job that could be sold for about £29.99 if it was boxed.) DrJimi is doing the best he can, but becuase he;s doing it in his own time, don't hold your breath for it's release in the near future.
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    Ryanair documentary

    That was a very biased documentry. It all seemed to boil down to one pilot who was not pleased with Ryanairs rule book. They probably had legitimate reasons for their policies. I've flown with Ryaniar plenty of times before and found them to be fine. The only thing that led me to believe they...