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  1. Nathan

    Railworks Addon Problem?

    Hi all, i bought the Railworks mega bundle from steam yesterday am really enjoying it. However, i'm not sure if this is a problem or just a limitation of the game - The addons that i recieved with it, like the V2 and saddle tank locomotives, i can run them in the scenarios they come with but...
  2. Nathan

    Youtube 2009 Updates

    Finally beginning to find the time to edit and upload my videos from the start of the year. The year started with a new video camera out at Swanage Railway's Easter Specials with 34070 Manston and 80078. QNghfeNiayk The Royal Wessex and Dorset Coast Express with 34067 Tangmere hauling the...
  3. Nathan

    Railway Trips 2008

    usOlarxOpos Videos from: 47773 & 50049 at Parkstone, 960012 at Parkstone, 34067 Tangmere on the Sunny South Express, 73109 & 73235 Top 'n' Tailing 1498, 46233 The Duchess of Sutherland on the Sunny South Express, Footplate Ride on 34028, 33s on the Dorset Coast Explorer. Hope you...
  4. Nathan

    Railway Trips 2008 - Part One, Two & Three

    Early start this year with a load of videos from: Part 1 - 34028 Eddystone's return to Swanage & DRS 47s on Stobart Pullman Part 2 - Swanage Railway's Branchline Weekend [Morning] Part 3 - Swanage Railway's...
  5. Nathan

    National Railway Museum claims the world first trainspotter

    A Master John Backhouse aged 14 in 1825 witness to the first steam-hauled passenger train in 1825 on the Stockton to Darlington railway. "Failing to find enough words to describe the exciting new phenomenon, he drew the steam-hauled train that caught his imagination so intensely."...
  6. Nathan

    Railway Highlights 2007

    fhrVbOY-SE0 Happy new year everyone, a quick 3 minute video from me to sum up my year! dont be disencouraged by the first half, its not all opera i assure you :lol:
  7. Nathan

    Hornby 2008 catalogue! Happy new year everyone, i hav'nt yet looked at it but im about to. Supposedly there have been no leaks and there should be the odd surprise inside... In other news, no bachmann 2008 as of yet. * * * * *...
  8. Nathan

    Dynamis stock released to dealers

    At last, the NRMA compliant DCC unit Dynamis is on its way to dealers across the country. However the batch is limited until the run-up to christmas lot :D Not sure of cost though?
  9. Nathan

    My 8F problem

    I am in desperate need of advice for a model that just doenst seem to work. I brought one of hornbys 8F models 48151 from Antics at since receiving it i have had a problem which required me to send back to them for repairs. The problem i found was that after a...
  10. Nathan

    Videos from my Railway

    H5m7ihVCoF8 After Stephens videos thought i better finish the one i had already started over summer and with a few locos of his in the later half, here it is!
  11. Nathan

    SWD Run DC!

    South West Digitals 37,40,47, GWR & Mogul Steam now run on DC. How that will work im not sure considering you wont get any functions but applying power and brakes. Im thinking of getting a chip myself for my Bachmann 37, D6707. But not 100% sure on ordering! VX7AZwsmPhA
  12. Nathan

    Railway Trips 2007 - Part 5

    Featuring videos from: Videos from: Branksome & Parkstone, 34067 Tangmere on the Cathedrals Express, 850 Lord Nelson on the Catherdrals Express, 1498 at Brockenhurst, 73109 at Brockenhurst, Swanage Steam Gala & A 59, 47s & Tangmere at Parkstone -e3RlUIxfWU
  13. Nathan

    GWR Bundle for Sale

    Roll up, Roll up! If anyone is interested i have a bundle including a total 4 items up for sale: Bachmann 45xx Tank 4550 GWR Green Hornby 0-4-0T 101 Industrial Locomotive GWR Green Hornby GWR Clerestory 3rd Coach '3162' Hornby GWR Clerestory Brake Coach '3321' *Above* everything apart from...
  14. Nathan

    D8188 starring in Goldeneye [ITV]

    the scene with the swanage based class 20 D8188 is coming up soon, just a note incase anyone wanted to see.
  15. Nathan

    A Tucano Plane & the Red Arrows on the Sunny South Coast

    This years display over the sunny beaches of Poole and Bournemouth. 6tCxNFW3DgI Photos to come soon...
  16. Nathan

    1497 Motor Circuit Failure [15/08/07]

    Forwarded by Rodger Smith from WRGEN
  17. Nathan

    Complete fotopic overhaul!

    At last after putting it off, has now been updated to the day with the latest collections since the 'Mid Hants Birthday Bash' Branksome & Parkstone 35028 on the Waterloo Sunset 40th Anniversary End of Southern Steam Station Approach Southampton St...
  18. Nathan

    DRS Class 37s on Serco [1Q14]

    Im told that the Serco 37s are running WBY - EH via WEY, but i have no times for it! Help anyone?
  19. Nathan

    Two Tones & Steam Whistles

  20. Nathan

    40th Anniversary End of Southern Steam

    Pictures to be sorted out later, however here is another addition to the 'Railway Trips' series with Part 4. At the end 35028 is featured with the Waterloo Sunset. 4t2pw9NkK7w