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  1. 117305

    computer problems

    has anyever experienced this a computer that for no reasons keeps switching its self off and when logged into the internet. This thing has done it now 5 times since 2030 i get no warning next thing i know trhe screens gone blank and its windows xp screen comes up,any ideas its just recentley...
  2. 117305

    37s stored at barton hill

    does anyone know the number of the "gray ghost!"37 which is on front of all the others on barton hill saw it yesterday but could not see a number:(
  3. 117305

    a question about spamming of comments

    is it possible for a fotopic comments page to be spammed so badley that its owner can no longer access it to delete them, and the only way they can be viewed is to look under the pictures as the same abuse has been repeated over and over again some of it is rather unpleasent-anyone else had this...
  4. 117305

    your best haulage of all time

    this one will make you scan your logs books if you could pick your best haulage of all time which one would it be for me it would have to be the 08 july 1993 on the 1601 new st-cardiff and the 1910 cardiff-new st back as it was the first and the only time i had my faverite beast"117305" :D down...
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    stoatface is not funny

    what do you do when you find a pic of yourself on a website thats soul aim seems to be there to get a few cheap laughs at others expense do you sit there and take it nope and to makes things worse in the comments section are what i would class as slander and lies maybe some peaple find...