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    The Apprentice 2011

    What she actually said was 'do the French care much for their children?' I sort of see what she meant, as in 'do the French lavish money on products for children?', but the way she said it made her look silly True, but the aim was to demonstrate a sustainable business, not build up a...
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    recycled glass and rail freight

    Don't see why it should confuse anyone, unless you regularly move from county to county :-? In Birmingham we have a big plastic box for paper, and another big box for recycleables - bottles, jars, tin cans etc. Anything else goes in black binbags.
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    Reading Rail Air coach to Heathrow

    On Reading-Heathrow journeys Priv is available only for seasons. On longer journeys (I've checked Birmingham-Heathrow), the discount seems to be around 50% vs the expected 75%, so presumably the discount is given only on the rail part.
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    Times for the Blackmoorvale Express this Saturday

    Just spotted a 15 minute pause at Overton (11:22-11:37) - presumably topping up there?
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    Times for the Blackmoorvale Express this Saturday

    It appears not, on the outward journey at least. Booked 18 minutes at Salisbury on the return, so that water stop should happen.
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    Station Code Game

    Leighton Buzzard CBS
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    Campaign to open Shakespeare Line

    Ah righty - thought Oxford-Stratford was the missing one.
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    Rowsley - Buxton?
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    Station Code Game

    Marks Tey FOG
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    Station Code Game

    Cannock QUI
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    What do you hate?

    I'm with you on this one. I really hate it when people use long words superfluously...
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    Thetrainline valid until

    Nope, but there is a 21:35, with an 05:26 connection at Cardiff Central the next morning, which I assume (I know assumptions are dangerous) the OP was referring to.
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    Thetrainline valid until

    I had, but point taken. However, in this case, there are no restrictions, so all is well. :D
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    Thetrainline valid until

    In this case Anytime Day, Off Peak Day and Super Off Peak tickets are not available - only SOS or SVR as I stated above, the break of journey clauses of which are quoted above. Therefore, as far as this thread goes, it is strictly true! Surely it's a given that any advice given in a specific...
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    The Easterling 70013 today

    Wttid Origin Destination Typ Days From 5Z70 SOUTHLDMU 06:30 LIVERPLST 09:07 STP SO 160711 1Z70 LIVERPLST 09:40 NORWICH 12:24 STP SO 160711 5Z70 NORWICH 12:43 NCH CRNPT 12:47 STP SO 160711 5Z71 NCH CRNPT 13:19 NORWICH 13:24 STP SO 160711 1Z71 NORWICH 13:49...
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    What do YOU look for in photos?

    For me it is all about location. I'd much rther spend time at somewhere like Edale, which a fantastic backdrop, and take photos of mundane everyday stuff like 150s and 158s, than go to somewhere like Water Orton for a less inspiring picture of (for example) a rare 60 move.
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    Thetrainline valid until

    The OP states he is departing at 9pm, and travelling overnight / with an overnight stop, which is perfectly well allowed. :) I do agree with the last statement - always buy from your local station and help fight ticket office cutbacks! :twisted:
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    Had problems taking pictures of the railways?

    IIRC, the guidelines were drawn up by ATOC and BTP after numerous complaints from enthusiasts over heavy handed treatment. The whole point being to mitigate such complaints in the future. In my experience, the only complaints these days seem to stem from people either ignoring the guidelines...
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    Thetrainline valid until

    :lol: :lol: you know what I mean! Given that trains within South Wales are generally unreservable, I was referring to earlier reservations from the night before, which would provide evidence that the journey could not be completed without an overnight stop.
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    The Apprentice 2011

    Fair point - they do come across as a little dim when it comes to General Knowledge. However they are expected to run a business - not necessarily dazzle clients with general knowledge. In real life much longer than 2 days would be spent branding a restaurant/takeaway - and of course they'd be...