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  1. PeterH

    Rail Express

    Sorry to be a Pain what do R stand for whish i could find a list of all the letters
  2. PeterH

    Anyone else have a dSLR?

    ive got 2 x D200 and a D2X with 50mm 18-70mm and 18-200mm its a lot to carry about
  3. PeterH

    Rail Express

    Thanks a Lot
  4. PeterH

    Rail Express

    Hi dont know if this is the right place to ask this .Ive been having Rail Express for a few months noe to keep my records up to date .In shed talk do any one know what N means in the Status codes .This may seem a silly thing to ask i know all the others RN ,R ,C est can any one help Many Thanks
  5. PeterH

    New Cross Country

    will this change anything for me going from Bristol Parkway to Tamworth on a Voager id dont have to change trains with all me bags of photographic eqp when going to Glamour studios Many Thanks
  6. PeterH

    London Bits 15/06

    well keep saving your money RJ and in a few years you can get a DSLR
  7. PeterH

    New Platform Bristol Parkway

    So where is Platform 3
  8. PeterH

    London Bits 15/06

    Or Failing all what Dennis said get a faster lens like a 1.4
  9. PeterH

    London Bits 15/06

    Hi RJ i looked at that photo yes its dark and the weather looks bad i cant see any thing wrong with it ive got loads of holiday photos with sky like that i dont think we have sunshine here in UK any more dont keep nocking your self there ok id be happy with them
  10. PeterH

    Station to Model

    Hi a group of my friends want to build a new modern day layout some where there are lots of fright trains through it pentalinos and Voyagers passing through nothing to large 2-3 platforms i said id take the photos of the station for them so any one have any good idears Thanks
  11. PeterH

    New Platform Bristol Parkway

    Sorry forgot about the 2 small waiting rooms that are full up when there are a platform full of ppl waiting for a Padington train plus only train ive seen in new palatform on a morning are EWS coal trains
  12. PeterH

    New Platform Bristol Parkway

    I use parkway a lot cant say i can see the point of it just that now the walls gone you get wet a lot quicker
  13. PeterH

    London Bits 15/06

    Your photos look ok to me . Maybe a bit dark but no camera can control the weather or Clouds .Try over exposing by +1.2 a stop or with Photoshop elements you could boost the shadows a bit if you just have dark skys you could put a new sky over the dark one ive done that a few times
  14. PeterH


    hi all well took my first train photos in years to day there at hope there ok love to know where ive gone wrong ..Was a great day till some woman with a HUGE dog nocked me lager over my book but i saved most of me numbers ..Hope to be going to Doncaster soon Many...
  15. PeterH

    Rail Tours

    hi ive been thinking of going on some Pathfinder rail tours any one been on one and are thay any good Thanks
  16. PeterH

    Stock Changes Help

    Thanks so it looks like i have to clean my data base clean and start all over again ..crys big time
  17. PeterH

    Stock Changes Help

    Hi need some help been using Today’s Railways UK mag to keep my stock changes up to date for the past year. Now yesterday wile sat on Bristol Station I got a copy of Rail Express mag and noticed that there giving deferent stock changes to Today’s railway so who’s telling the truth as my last...
  18. PeterH

    The Airean Raider 16/12/2006

    where are the photos of the nice welsh girls
  19. PeterH

    Carlisle allnighter

    Just out of intrest do you get any trouble from staff from siting on the statio0n all night do you need a Ticket to be there Thanks
  20. PeterH

    Stock Changes

    Hi well as ive just been told that WHSmiths wont be dong the Todays Railways UK magazine any more do i (a) pay for a years subsciption or (b) is there a web site for all upto date Stock Changes Thanks