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    NRE Journey Planner Showing Rovers/Rangers

    Whilst searching for a fares for something that I'm planning on doing, I've just noticed that the NRE journey planner now displays appropriate Rail Rovers/Day Rangers etc where they offer the cheapest fare for the journey entered. I've never noticed this before, is this a new feature? How long...
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    Day Rangers

    Just a quick one. Can you purchase a day ranger on the train (if starting from an unstaffed station)? If not, can you excess from a single to a day ranger?
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    How much does 'Average Joe' know about fares/tickets etc?

    A few other threads on here recently have got me thinking. Just how perplexing is the current fares/ticketing/routeing etc. system to the average member of the travelling public? Is it still the case that you can't use Electron or Solo cards to buy a ticket? If so, why is this so poorly...
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    Stoke-London Mon 29th Dec

    After checking the National Rail, London Midland and 1 or 2 other websites for details of engineering works etc over this period, I used the journey planner on the National Rail site (which is claimed to be up to date) to confirm train times and fares for the journey I wanted to make; 1 YP...
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    Derby Station Redevelopment

    Please excuse me for being a tad confused by this, but hasn't Derby station been propped up by scaffolding and half covered in plywood screening for the best part of the last 5 years? :?
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    RailUk Website

    Seeing as Tom mentioned this somewhere last night ;) What's it gonna be? Or rather what's it gonna contain? Will what will become the umpteenth incarnation of the RailUK website ever actually be complete (unlike previous versions) and will it be anything like any of the previous ideas for the...
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    Any logic?

    SOT-MAN CDR = £9.50 FOR = £26.80 SOT-BHM CDR = £8.80 FOR = £48.00 Both pretty similar journies. Anybody see: a) A reason for the massive difference in FOR prices? b) The reason why MAN is a more expensive CDR but cheaper FOR and BHM a cheaper CDR but more expensive FOR?
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    Nameless stations

    Peartree station (just outside Derby for those of you who may have missed it ) has no signage visible from the train to indicate where it is, in fact only a small 'Way Out' sign on one platform is enough to suggest to most people that the station is still open. The place really is a 'blink and...
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    The Bermuda Triangle...

    ... or should that be the CENTRO map? The Bermuda Triangle is famous for ships and aircraft dissapearing as they enter it. Similarly, Central Trains conductors do exactly the same thing when the enter the CENTRO zones. Examples: 2 conductors doing continuous ticket checks and sales...
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    Stone to regain rail service (and other bits).

    Stone station (between Stoke-on-Trent and Stafford) will once again see trains stopping there as part of the Crewe - London Euston services that will be introduced under London Midland from the December timetable. Additionally; Alsager and Kidsgrove will receive an improved service to/from Stoke...
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    Fare Oddity?

    SOT - SHR Open Return = £12.20 Saver Return = £13.70 Surely that can't be correct? And if it is, anybody think of any reasons why such a situation might exist?
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    Willington A collection of shots from a trip photting with Nick earlier today around the Willington area. We were both a tad unlucky, everytime we were unprepared (such as eating lunch or walking between locations) something particularly interesting...
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    North Staffs and Stenson Junctions

    I'm currently considering a bit of photting in the Willington/North Staffs Junction and Stenson Junction area. I've read the info about the locations on Trainspots and they seem pretty decent, just wondering if anybody else off the forum has spent any time there and/or has any photos?
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    Foxfield Railway Steam Gala

    Armed with a borrowed Fuji S5000, I snapped a fair few shots on the first day of this years Steam Gala at Foxfield, in between helping out in the station buffet. Best of the bunch can be found at Comments welcome.
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    Camera Help

    Right, sometime in the next few months I'll hopefully be looking to purchase a new camera to replace my crappy Packard Bell piece of sh*t. It doesn't have to be anything too big and fancy, just something that produces a half decent picture thats quite a bit better than the crap my current camera...
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    Scores dead in Mumbai train bombs

    More than 160 people have been killed and 460 injured by seven bombs on the train network in the Indian financial capital Mumbai (Bombay). Full Story Here
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    Bits and Bobs

    A few shots from my local area a few days ago here. Spot the one taken with the camera phone. ;) Not the best photos in the world, but the best of a bad bunch. Urgently need a better camera.
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    CT First Class?

    According to the timetable posters at Stoke-on-Trent, there is a Saturday only Crewe-Derby line service which features First Class, with first class available towards Derby on 1 morning journey and available on 1 evening journey towards Crewe. Has anybody got any more info on this? (i.e...
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    Is it a bird? Is it a Plane?

    No. It's a 125 MPH tilting train wearing an all over ad for the new Superman film.
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    Freight routing

    Over the past couple of months I seem to have noticed an increased amount of freight traffic over the lines through Stoke-on-Trent. Firstly, does anybody know if this is an actual increase in traffic or have I, for whatever reason, just noticed this level of traffic until now? Secondly...