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  1. mm333

    Showing split e-tickets before the starting point

    When doing split ticket journeys with paper tickets, say A-B and B-C, if a ticket check happened before B, I would only show my A-B ticket to them, in case my B-C was clipped and a new guard came on and questioned after leaving B, why my ticket was already clipped. But now with the prevalence...
  2. mm333

    Tapping out then tapping in straight away at the same gateline

    In readiness for going station hopping down the Elizabeth Line, if you tap out at a gateline and then go straight back in at the same gateline, is this treated as the start of a new journey? Rather than, say, it being some kind of OSI where I'd have hit the maximum journey time by the time I'd...
  3. mm333

    Why is National Rail suggesting I change for a slower train?

    I’m looking to go from Canterbury East to London Bridge, travelling on a weekday, leaving on the 0814. National Rail is suggesting I change at Rainham onto a Thameslink and then change again at Dartford for a Southeastern service. Example journey...
  4. mm333

    Effects of COVID absences on signalling staff

    We’ve heard a lot about COVID absences on TOCs, but is there a risk that lines will have to close if there’s a shortage of signalling staff?
  5. mm333

    Restriction 9D on the outward portion of a Canterbury-Bradford Super Off Peak Return

    According to BR Fares the restrictions on this are: Not valid on trains timed to depart: - London Terminals (except as shown below) after 02:59 and before 09:06 and after 14:59 and before 18:59 (18:15 on Fridays); - London Liverpool Street after 04:29 and before 09:30 (Then other London...
  6. mm333

    Javelin coupled to a non-Javelin?

    RTT says for the 1S43 1410 London Victoria to Ramsgate, it "divides from 1S42 from London Victoria and joins with 1F38 from St Pancras International". So does that mean that a Class 395 is coupled to whatever comes up from Victoria? If so, does that happen elsewhere on the Southeastern...
  7. mm333

    Trivia: Lines that cross (over/under) 2 different motorways in quick succession

    Travelling recently from Leeds to Carnforth, I noticed that the line crossed both the A601(M) and the M6 within about 400 yards of each other. Are there any other places where a line crosses over/under 2 different motorways in quick succession? I'm aware that the A601(M) used to be part of the...
  8. mm333

    Chiltern running double the services London-Birmingham 1 September

    Coming home from High Wycombe today (Sunday 1 September), I was pleased (for me) to see that trains to Birmingham were twice an hour today instead of the usual hourly. There’s something on the Chiltern website about minor changes to the timetable as GWR are bustituting between Oxford and...
  9. mm333

    Northern to run some Boxing Day trains
  10. mm333

    Is the person who runs OK? I notice the site has not been updated since May.
  11. mm333

    Can you excess to a cheaper ticket?

    Shipley-London has a Super Off Peak Return for £115.30 which has afternoon peak restrictions. But there’s an Off Peak Return Route Manchester for £115.10 where they are no afternoon peak restrictions on a Friday. So I had the former and wanted to come home from London at 4pm on a Friday, could...
  12. mm333

    Are Southern's "cashable National Rail vouchers" the usual green ones?

    I'm putting a delay repay claim into Southern by post. Their form says "Please send me cashable National Rail voucher(s) which may be exchanged for cash at any of OUR* ticket offices." * my emphasis Are these the usual green ones that can be used nationwide? I use Southern about once a decade...
  13. mm333

    Restriction on Shipley-Hinckley via Sheffield off peak return

    I'm trying to work out what the restrictions are on a Shipley-Hinckley off peak return via Sheffield: BRFares says the restriction code is BT which is Monday-Friday "Not valid by any train timed to depart before 04:30." NRES...
  14. mm333

    Is 41 minutes enough to get from East Croydon NR to Beckenham Junction NR?

    I’m going from Chichester to Canterbury East route not London and NRES is suggesting I go via East Croydon, tram to Beckenham Junction, then to Bromley South and Canterbury. The itinerary gives me 41 minutes on a Saturday lunchtime from arriving at East Croydon to leaving Beckenham Junction. Is...
  15. mm333

    Cut-off for booking National Express tickets

    I won’t know until about 2pm on the day whether I’ll need to be on a National Express coach at 5pm. It’s a short journey towards the end of a route so there are always plenty of seats. Is that too little notice to buy a ticket online? Or should I just turn up at the boarding point with cash...
  16. mm333

    New National Rail accessibility map

    I've just noticed an article from 17 April on the WY Metro site about a new National Rail accessibility map: I don't know if uses the same source of data as the existing station data on Looking at Guiseley, the clarification about why...
  17. mm333

    NRES not offering interchange at the first station where interchange is possible

    I travelled from Shipley to Silecroft yesterday. On that particular journey, NRES said to change at Lancaster and Barrow. By the time we got to Carnforth, we were running a few minutes late so I bailed and waited there for the Barrow train, which made me wonder what the point was of NRES...
  18. mm333

    TRIVIA: Classes of train that pass under/over the A road of the same number

    For example: class 153s travel under the A153 between Ruskington and Sleaford. Any other examples?
  19. mm333

    Travelling by a permitted route when no fare exists for that route

    I went from Saltaire to Wakefield Kirkgate today. Once I had my ticket, I saw that it was 'Route Leeds', and BRfares shows that all the tickets from Saltaire-Wakefield are 'Route Leeds'*, even though going via Bradford is a permitted route. Are there other journeys where there are no tickets...
  20. mm333

    2301 Halifax-Leeds diverted via Dewsbury when the preceeding and next trains aren't

    The 2147 Preston-Leeds is diverting each night this week after Halifax, and going via Dewsbury rather than its booked route via Bradford Interchange. But there's a 2251 going via Bradford and a 2335 ECS going that way too, so why would this one train be diverting?