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  1. Chris

    OOpenbve crashing after loading route and train

    I get this error message no matter what route or train I try to use. openbve itself opens fine but when I try to run the route, I get this error (see attached). Any ideas? Chris
  2. Chris

    German Rail tv streamed.

    Not sure if you've seen this, but every time I bring up the site its a streaming railway programme which is playing. Pity its all in German though. Chris --- old post above --- --- new post below --- oops :oops: sorry! Forgot to post the link Apologies...
  3. Chris

    Bo'ness and Kinneil Railway class 37's

    The Bo'ness and Kinneil Railway had a Scottish class 37 running day with 37025 and 37175 on the 29th December. Turnout was good and the sun shone. Have a look at my site for some pics from the day. You can also find out more about the Bo'ness...
  4. Chris

    Bo'ness class 37's

    The Bo'ness and Kinneil Railway had a Scottish class 37 running day with 37025 and 37175 on the 29th December. Turnout was good and the sun shone. Have alook at my site for some pics from the day. Chris
  5. Chris

    Bo'ness Diesel Gala sept 07

    Sorry for the Delay :oops:, I've finally got around to posting my Diesel gala pics if your interested. You don't have to of course, but feel free. Chris
  6. Chris

    Thames Mersey 4.2 on DVD.

    The new version of Thames Mersey is now avaialble on DVD over at UKTrainsim. Go Get It!
  7. Chris

    Christmas Route

    An updated version of the Christmas route is now available on UKTS.
  8. Chris

    Glasgow Central

    Glasgow Central is having its Centenery celebrations.
  9. Chris


    Just thought I'd let you know my son Adam was born last friday night (hence not much activity on the forum). A wee pic of a peaceful moment (rather scarce).
  10. Chris

    Cheap Food

    Spotted this, very useful. :tongue9:
  11. Chris

    Bo'ness Diesel Gala

    I managed to go the Bo'ness Diesel Gala both days this weekend See my shots of the Deltic and 40 guest locos, plus a few others at Enjoy Chris
  12. Chris

    Help please missing wagons

    Can anyone help I'm needing these wagons for some of my consists and simply can't find them on UKtrainsim. The readme's gave me file no.'s that don't exist anymore so I'm not sure what has happened. They are for West Highland activities. Info from Route control. Ica.wag should be in a...
  13. Chris

    Fictitious Liveries update PSML!

    Enough said...!
  14. Chris

    Glasgow Route

    For your information, the Glasgow to Carlisle Route has been updated to v2.01, with a couple of activities for it too. All on UK Trainsim. There is a single download and split downloads available. It looks much better now.
  15. Chris

    Help with ID's Please?

    Help Please... I was travelling up from Reading to Edinburgh today, but ended up having one of those crappy seats on the Voyager between two windows thus making it very difficult to get numbers. Could any one help me ID a few locos? 92 at Warrington Bank Quay 66 and 57 at Carlisle 57 at...
  16. Chris

    Scottish Pics

    I've finally upated my fotopic site with Hoovers at Larbert and Sulzer action at Bo'ness, go and have a look see. Enjoy Chris
  17. Chris

    What's your Job?

    Just out of interest, What's your Job? If you are a student, what your course is and, if you are at school what you plan to do, 'when you grow up!'. You never know people may have skills or tips they could pass on to others. I'm a secondary school teacher currently on summer holidays because...
  18. Chris

    Pathfinder weekend railtour 50's

    Passing through Larbert station 50031 & 50049 on Friday 16th June. Arrived just a few minutes down, behind a stopper, making for some clag as they passed through the station. Lovely
  19. Chris

    Firefox behaviour

    My firefox is now acting very strangely, can anyone help me to switch this off: When you hover the mouse arrow over a word, a little box appears with the word in spanish!! Help would be appreciated. [EDIT] I found the problem. It was 'Word Translator' in the Google Toolbar. D'oh!
  20. Chris

    Official confirmation of WHL traction

    Bad news I'm afraid, no more 37's on WHL sleeper. From EWS Operating enhancements for First Scotrail Sleeper to be delivered by EWS and Axiom Rail EWS and Axiom Rail are completing a series of changes and...