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  1. PeterH

    Rail Express

    Hi dont know if this is the right place to ask this .Ive been having Rail Express for a few months noe to keep my records up to date .In shed talk do any one know what N means in the Status codes .This may seem a silly thing to ask i know all the others RN ,R ,C est can any one help Many Thanks
  2. PeterH

    Station to Model

    Hi a group of my friends want to build a new modern day layout some where there are lots of fright trains through it pentalinos and Voyagers passing through nothing to large 2-3 platforms i said id take the photos of the station for them so any one have any good idears Thanks
  3. PeterH


    hi all well took my first train photos in years to day there at hope there ok love to know where ive gone wrong ..Was a great day till some woman with a HUGE dog nocked me lager over my book but i saved most of me numbers ..Hope to be going to Doncaster soon Many...
  4. PeterH

    Rail Tours

    hi ive been thinking of going on some Pathfinder rail tours any one been on one and are thay any good Thanks
  5. PeterH

    Stock Changes Help

    Hi need some help been using Today’s Railways UK mag to keep my stock changes up to date for the past year. Now yesterday wile sat on Bristol Station I got a copy of Rail Express mag and noticed that there giving deferent stock changes to Today’s railway so who’s telling the truth as my last...
  6. PeterH

    Stock Changes

    Hi well as ive just been told that WHSmiths wont be dong the Todays Railways UK magazine any more do i (a) pay for a years subsciption or (b) is there a web site for all upto date Stock Changes Thanks
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  8. PeterH


    Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this but any one know what the Heathfield to newton abbot line is now used for cant find any time tables for it if its freight is it worth going there to photograph it Many Thanks
  9. PeterH


  10. PeterH

    train numbers

  11. PeterH

    Your Lucky

    i look at ppls photos here and thing your all very lucky i live near bristol never see a loco her its all DMU's ect just my luck i ned to find places to go
  12. PeterH

    Fav Place to take Photos and why

    My Fav place to take Photos has to be Newton Abbot cos its nice there and i find the staff helfull ps there is a pub next door
  13. PeterH

    Platform 5

    Ordered 4 books on friday after noon thay got here this morning wednesday good servies i think well done Platform 5
  14. PeterH

    TOPS list

    Well after over a weeks typeing a few hours a day ive copyed all the TOPS numbers on to exel for all Loco's DMU's and EMU's it was hard work but im happy now all i need to do is get all the info bit by bit about each class and train i can clic on a class depot livery and it will bring up all...
  15. PeterH


    What cameras do you use and what ones would you like i need a new one
  16. PeterH

    camera pc kit

    Well now the dreaded school holidays ar here yet again makeing a low in my trian photo trips was wondering what cameras computer kit printers softwear other ppl use
  17. PeterH

    holiday plan

    Hi folks well imgoing to get a 7 day great britain all over card in august £357 now as i only no the devon area i need help can you all name some good places to go to take photos so i can try and work out a plan for the week ive got a few weeks yet but need to get planing soon hope you can help
  18. PeterH

    train numbers

    Ok this may not be photographic related but i got my Locomotive and coaching stock book to day 2006 and im going to type it all in to excel will i ever finnish it so i can put all my up dates ect in it just wondered how others do it do you just sport locos or any thing and how do you keep records
  19. PeterH

    Camera Kit

    Well just had a weeks holiday in Devon and the skys where black again i wonder if the weather has it in for me in Devon Any way i humped all my photo kit around (never again) what i want to know is (a) what lens you think is the most usefully a wide angle zoom or a telphoto zoom and (b) do...
  20. PeterH

    Names on pictures

    how do you put your names on your pictures i no i can type on pics in photoshop but i have to do every one in turn can take hours and thany never all look the same