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    Anyone play any musical instrument?

    Drums 6 years, bass 6 years and guitar 5 years hehe, metal all the way!!!!!! \m/ spike
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    Piccadilly line v2 found

    Appologies, i thought you had uploaded them
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    Piccadilly line v2 found

    did you ask tom if you could upload them?
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    Class 175 and Class 180 Released!

    :D Wow, Downloading now, These should be good :) Regards Tom
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    How close are you?

    hmmm, nearest main line, lets see, 200 miles? nautical miles that is hehe, dam isle of man
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    closer encounter's

    Your going off topic....Again.
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    update released

    well, im busy with work and what not, and the fact i live on the bloody isle of man makes it impossible for me to attend meets lol, i'll try and come on here more often Regards Tom
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    update released

    go to to download Regards Tom
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    trouble getting on to KRS forums

    cheers for the help,i'll have to find a different account to use regards tom
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    trouble getting on to KRS forums

    i go to create a account yet,i recieve no email with my password in it :s help please?! regards Tom
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    KRS release dates

    don't forget engine start and stop:d regards Tom
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    KRS release dates

    i got mine installing now,looks bloody brilliant though, and....well i shouldn't say actually,but i like some of the features:D regards Tom
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    BVE4 Downloads

    Uktrainsim wont work for bve,unless you download from the bve section Regards Tom
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    having just installed Dorset coast Verson 3 it now takes atleast 5 mins to get onto the homepage of MSTS!!! any ideas on how to help? Regards Tom
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    BVE Railnetwork

    yeah neither can i,we can only hope :D regards Tom
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    Class 50 now released ,:D:D:D
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    Class 455

    Not sure if this has been posted but coxter has released a class 455 on his site, Check it out (Y) Regards Tom
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    WIP Southern Units

    it will be released when it is ready. Regards Tom
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    Sorry is in order.

    and zane, i don't blame you, if i was you i too would have taken legal action, he practically stole your work, i too hope he has learned his lesson and i hope he does not get people's hope up like that again. i look forward to your route zane kind regards Tom
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    RailNetwork Update

    sounds great zane, Really looking forward to this one Regards Tom