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  1. Giugiaro

    Innotrans 2022 from Portugal

    Hello everyone! I am going to Berlin for this year's Innotrans, and I became a bit desperate trying to find a way to, and from, Berlin with luggage. Right now, the plan is finalised. In the early morning of September 18, I'll be flying on TAP Air Portugal from Porto to Paris - Orly. I'll be...
  2. Giugiaro

    [Portugal] Biggest Railfan Train in the country's history set for the Beiras Circuit

    Hello everyone! Much has happened over the past two years, and, as a result, tomorrow will be an historical day for the Railway Enthusiast panorama in Portugal! A train composed of a Néz-Cassé Class 2600 locomotive and 9 Schindler coaches built in the late 1940's will do a trip around the...
  3. Giugiaro

    600V DC ~ 750V DC Interoperability

    Good morning everyone! Does anyone know to which extent can a 600V DC tram operate on a 750V DC system, and vice-versa? My vague understanding from hearsay is that, due to being DC, a unmodified higher voltage train on a lower voltage track will be under powered, but will still work. No word...
  4. Giugiaro

    Railway Museums and Heritage Rail in Switzerland

    Hello! I'll be travelling to Switzerland in March, on a holiday trip that I want to use a a rail discovery adventure. Regarding railway museums and heritage rail, does Switzerland have much of a culture around them? I checked the SBB Historic website to check for a museum exhibit, but they...
  5. Giugiaro

    General English Translation Questions

    Good evening! I'm on the process of working on the signage of the "new" Arco coaches by CP and, since we have translation of text to Portuguese, Spanish and English, one of my goals is to use as many precedents as possible. This is not the first time I come forward to this forum looking for...
  6. Giugiaro

    [Portugal] Public Tender launched for 117 new EMU's

    CP - Comboios de Portugal, launched a public tender to acquire 117 new EMU's for commuter and regional services. The ceremony was held at the Guifões Maintenance Unit in December 14, 2021. The tender is valued at €819M (£696M), with the first train expected to be delivered in 2026, and the last...
  7. Giugiaro

    New EU regulations threaten last connection between Lisbon and Madrid

    This is a part of an article about cross connections between Portugal and Spain, exposing how new European safety regulations have severely increased cross-border costs, putting at risk the last connection between Lisbon and Madrid that can be realistically done within a single day: Translated...
  8. Giugiaro

    Maiden High Speed Trip

    Hello everyone! I decided to go ahead and try travelling for the first time on high speed rail. I booked a trip between Barcelona and Madrid, on the Renfe AVE, on October 18. The ticket was acquired for 16€, at a time and price neither Ouigo nor Avlo could beat (somehow). The plan is to fly...
  9. Giugiaro

    Vehicle evacuation plans

    Good morning everyone! Anyone has a picture or a PDF of one of those vehicle emergency plans with evacuation routes and emergency equipment positioning that are placed inside of trains? I need one or two examples to show the state of the art of these type of emergency plans to CP - Comboios de...
  10. Giugiaro

    Trains departing before schedule

    Good morning everyone! Just a simple question: Has anyone ever noticed a train departing ahead of schedule, or has had the misfortune of being left behind because a train departed before it was due? Just today my morning train to Ermesinde tried to depart three minutes ahead of schedule, only...
  11. Giugiaro

    "Connecting Europe" Express

    There will be a thematic train called the "Connecting Europe" Express, that'll travel around 26 countries. It'll depart from Lisbon in September 2nd, and arrive at Paris at October 7th, stopping at 70 cities along the way, with parallel events in each. The Portuguese Railway Company Bulletin...
  12. Giugiaro

    COVID Savings (and Money after the Pandemic)

    Good Afternoon! Here's a thought: First of all, I understand that there's a lot of people to which the COVID-19 pandemic has essentially been a financial disaster, amid constant lockdowns and lay-offs. To then, during and post Pandemic, their situation will be less than stellar. Meanwhile...
  13. Giugiaro

    Car, Coach, Carriage, or Vehicle?

    Good afternoon everyone! Can anyone tell me which term is better used to identify the number of the car on a given locomotive hauled train, or InterCity multiple unit? Can't recall from last time I travelled in the UK.
  14. Giugiaro

    Standards for Passenger Signage

    Good afternoon everyone! Does anyone know if there are standards for passenger signage on railway vehicles? I need to redo some door buttons for a batch of passenger coaches in Portugal.
  15. Giugiaro

    Portugal Railway Summit 2021 (with UK panels)

    For anyone interested, the Portugal Railway Summit for 2021 is an (sort of) English language online conference open to everyone for free, organized by the Portuguese Railway Platform. The livestream is being held at Youtube: Portugal Railway Summit 2021 - Day 1 - YouTube (UK Themed) Schedule...
  16. Giugiaro

    Most hated non-UK station

    Like with @Jamesrob637 post about Favourite non-UK station, I'd also like to explore the non-UK stations that have caused the greatest distaste in our experience. Of the stations I've been to, I haven't found one that enraged me as much as my own country's Oriente Station, in Lisbon. The...
  17. Giugiaro

    [Portugal] New Stadler FLIRT for CP - Comboios de Portugal

    22 new Stadler FLIRT trains for CP Comboios de Portugal Resuming from this topic: CP - Comboios de Portugal has signed the contract for 22 new FLIRT 160 EMUs and HMUs with Stadler Rail, kickstarting...
  18. Giugiaro

    HS2 Speed Units (MPH or km/h)

    The first high-speed rail line in the UK, connecting London to the Channel Tunnel, has the speed expressed in km/h, the same as in France, where the signalling system is based off. With HS2 being completely within the UK, are the speeds within going to be expressed in MPH or km/h? Supposedly...
  19. Giugiaro

    Mechanical Fuses? (What are they and how they work)

    Hello Everyone! I knew about these "Mechanical Fuses" that are installed on rolling stock to absorve energy in case of impact, but never got to understand how they look and work. Supposedly they're ment to absorb kinetic energy during impact, breaking itself in the process, but how can a fixed...
  20. Giugiaro

    [Portugal] Collision between an Alfa Pendular and an Inspection Vehicle

    Just barely got to speed to what just happened this Friday in Portugal. A Portuguese Alfa Pendular high-speed train collided against a VCC (Overhead Line Inspection Vehicle) at a speed of 118mph just after Soure station. Unfortunately, the accident already claimed the life of two railwaymen...