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  1. TrainTrackJack

    158950 on hire to TfW

    Noticed this morning that GWRs 158950 is working with TfW today, with 150257 and 150240 (TfW units paired with it) . Is this due to the strikes allowing the unit to boost capacity on TfW? Currently working 1F51 from Swansea to Cardiff Central.
  2. TrainTrackJack

    UK Railtours "Class 56 Farewell" - 17/09/22

    UK Railtours have just announced a farewell tour for the GBRf Class 56s before they are re-engineered into Class 69s, on Saturday 17th September. Class 66 Hauled to Leicester from Finsbury Park before the 56 takes over, and then via...
  3. TrainTrackJack

    LSL ScotRail push/pull set.

    On a visit to Crewe yesterday, I noted a Loco-hauled MK3 in ScotRail InterCity (1980s) livery. Would the recent acquisition of DBSO 9704 from DRS (also observed, still in full DRS) point towards a new LSL rake? IIRC 47712 is in an appropriate livery...
  4. TrainTrackJack

    Pathfinder Chopper Topper 02/07/22

    With just over 3 weeks to go, I thought it is an appropriate time to open a thread for discussion about the tour (and to see who else is going on it!) As stated, 4x Class 20s are expected for traction from Michael Owens stable, and the iterniary looks good too!
  5. TrainTrackJack

    Lamp Brackets - Size?

    Evening all, Was wondering the dimensional of lamp brackets as found on stock today? I guess it’s the same standard size for universal attachment of tail lamps, headboards etc etc
  6. TrainTrackJack

    Post-16 Education - Joining the Railway as an Apprentice

    Hello all. I’ve always been heavily interested in the UK Railscene and am now fast approaching the time where I need to sort out what to do after leaving school, and have held an aspiration to be in an apprenticeship with a TOC / FOC. However finding one has been harder than I anticipated - DB...
  7. TrainTrackJack

    Identification of locos / units, Nottingham Eastcroft.

    Afternoon all, could anyone provide information on the locos (mainly 37s) and units seen in this view of Nottingham Eastcroft depot today (15/01/21) as of approximately 13:25. Apologies for poor image quality, taken on a mobile device. Many thanks, Jack.
  8. TrainTrackJack

    D1015 suffers engine problems during test run for mainline return.

    Looking at RTT, It would seem that Western no. D1015 has been sent from Kidderminster to Avonmouth to work a cement service as far up as Gloucester, then back to Kiddie, is this actually the Western working it or is it a fault with the system! And if it is the Wizzo, Is it on a proving run?
  9. TrainTrackJack

    Non-Mazey Day Cornishman 2021

    Morning all Tomorrow is the day as you may be aware of Pathfinder's annual Mazey Day Cornishman from Birmingham New Street to Penzance. Motive power is expected to be a GBRf Class 66/7 from New Street to Gloucester (and return) and 50007 + 50049 from Gloucester to Penzance and back. I presume it...
  10. TrainTrackJack

    Closed for emergency inspection

    Noticed that the Worcester Hereford line has just been blocked for an emergency inspection. It began with a TSR this morning between Great Malvern and Worcester Foregate Street, and now this. Anyone know where exactly it is?
  11. TrainTrackJack

    Colas HST's.

    I know a thread was made last year about 43050/060, But seeing as 5 MTU engined PC's have now moved into the COTS pool i was wondering if anyone could spread some light on the acquisition and plans for them. Apparently some of the ones at Burton will be going to Kidderminster and the SVR for...
  12. TrainTrackJack

    Class 150 Preservation.

    I know a similar thread was once set up but I have recently contacted Angel Trains regarding the possibility of preserving one (specifically 150105) and it says i have been put onto a list regarding the off lease dates in the future (which in the case of the 150/0 would be 15 years at max)...
  13. TrainTrackJack

    Ex-train horns

    Hi all, Was wondering whether you can purchase horns from trains recently scrapped (e.g, class 315/317), and if so, how to come about them?
  14. TrainTrackJack

    Hereford - Worcester line freight diverts

    Hi all, heard rumours last week of possible freight diverts between Hereford and Worcester via Malvern in a few weeks due to engineering works somewhere else. could anyone provide information? last time it happened was 2016 so driver training would be required I guess.