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    Standing on long rail journeys to be banned under Virgin Trains plan for airline-style fare

    Any minister or MP who supported this would no doubt find himself with a P45 at the following GE
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    JUST FOR FUN: If Other Companies Made Trains

    Rotala - paint them blue and try run them in service even if the wheels fall off. WWE - Auto announcements in Vince McMahon's voice telling passengers they're FIIIIIRRRRREEEEDDDD... WWF - adverts on auto announcements to get you to adopt a snow leopard for just £3 a week with a free cuddly...
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    Nottingham 'Bus War'

    Not sure why as I only saw a photograph it at Walsall depot.
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    Hypothetical Sandwell -> Euston reroute

    Plus there is also the Smethwick connection possible which allows avoiding the New Street barriers
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    Nottingham 'Bus War'

    As an aside, NCT 920 has been spotted in Walsall at the NXWM depot there
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    Extinction Rebellion transport disruption from 17/04/2019

    Candidates for the Darwin Award maybe
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    Cityfox Bus

    That's an accommodation address IIRC.
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    LNR new WCML timetable, May 2019 (in open data feeds)

    Pity they couldn't introduce a WMT only fare or two for flows on that wobble from Brum... Especially as XC fares are near enough extortion!
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    British Government launches light rail consultation

    And significantly over budget. I'm surprised TfWM haven't introduced a "Meteo Levy"for the Dudley extension to businesses and residents...
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    Cityfox Bus

    Something smells fishy... ...and its not the grilled Salmon i had for tea...
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    Available to the general public...yet driver says it not?

    Sometimes they throw up some unusual workings, like early tridents/other non frontline stuff, or go closer to a place of work enroute that would otherwise require a change of bus if a "normal" service was used, or in my case today, it was just convenient timings after an appointment and meant I...
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    Available to the general public...yet driver says it not?

    Has anyone had it happen to them before? Using a bus that is a school/works origin service which the company advertises on their website as available to get general public, charges fares to the general public, but the driver doesn't like picking up the general public as "they'll get in trouble...
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    Inadequate capacity between Wolverhampton and Bridgnorth

    The number got changed a couple of years ago as part of Telford's route simplification and ran Telford - Bridgnorth - Wolverhampton as #9 Then the Telford - Bridgnorth section got renumbered with the former 890 section getting interworked with the 436. I know Simon Mathieson, one of the...
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    Coming Soon... Pathetic Railways?

    Well, I can confirm that although parts of it was intended as an April Fool, Pathetic Railways will be launched later this month!
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    Coming Soon... Pathetic Railways?

    Sources close to the #AllAboard YouTube and Facebook page have confirmed today (Monday 1st April 2019) that a project cataloguing parts of UK rail network in terms of uselessness is starting in the next few days. The project, called Pathetic Railways, will look at different lines that could be...
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    Igo (west Midlands) goes into administration

    With a Diamond stint before or between IIRC
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    Igo (west Midlands) goes into administration

    5 routes from this operator have changed hands this week following them falling into administration. The business Desk reports that Accessible Transport Group, which owns Ring and Ride and Igo buses, employs 700 staff and operates more than 600 vehicles from nine depots across the West...
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    ANPR Parking

    It's craziness like this that allows big profits to the likes of Parking Lie (owned by Crapita). Use your local council car least they don't have ANPR (or use public transport to get to the station)
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    Glasgow Central Station - BBC Documentary

    If you live South of the Scottish border and have sky, the live stream of BBC Scotland is channel 457
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    Eurostar disruption

    If this this why, let's just hope they don't employ British contractors as otherwise it'll be like the West Coast Route Modernisation... Slow, over deadline and over budget