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    Which lines are most suitable for conversion to light rail lines?

    The Edinburgh Suburban line could be electrified as part of the tram line. The electrification would still need to comply with the Network Rail standards though, as heavy rail still needs to use the line.
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    Lothian Buses and ECB Discussion

    Might it be time, then, to truncate the 30 to run only Edinburgh to Fort Kinnard (using deckers), and then create a separate service from Mussleburgh (or maybe Inveresk or Whitecraig, if the demand is there for a direct service) to Fort Kinnard, and then onto the Hospital?
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    Lothian Buses and ECB Discussion

    I would imagine that all the single deck routes which can take deckers would be switched to use deckers wherever possible, or have a frequency increase (ie. 1, 2, 12, 24, 36, 38, 45). I'm unsure what might happen with the 30 though, as it is already pretty high frequency in the normal timetable...
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    Should Lothian assist with a potential Stagecoach East Scotland vehicle shortage?

    Yeah they have been removed, my reply to them was marked "awaiting moderation" for a while but that post seems to have gone now.
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    Reading to Paddington record

    I'm sure I read somewhere that the Highland Chieftain, when it was a HST, had an average speed of 123mph on the non stop York to London stretch, but that's around two hours with the majority at 125mph.
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    ScotRail HST Introduction - Updates & Discussion

    Are the power cars still running, to avoid the engine hours penalty you get when you cold start them? :-D
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    Opeators that still use Rollers blinds

    Just to add, as far as I'm aware, while the Lothian buses to which you refer do still use blinds, these are selected and changed by a computer and a motor, rather than by hand, so I'm not sure they can still be described as manual blinds.
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    Additional retailers to reopen from June 15th

    I'd be interested to know if we'd be allowed to use the bus for this purpose too, although I suppose this would more depend on the policy of each individual bus company?
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    Lothian Buses and ECB Discussion

    Thanks to both.
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    Lothian Buses and ECB Discussion

    Thanks for all the replies to my question about the tables. I have another question, can anyone confirm that the Gemini 3 B5 Skylink vehicles 431-437, and the B5H vehicles 551-570, were ordered/delivered immediately one after another, in that order? The number plates appear to run sequentially...
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    Lothian Buses and ECB Discussion

    This was going to be my next question, why were the tables removed from all the vehicles going to City, and some going to East Coast, but not all?
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    Lothian Buses and ECB Discussion

    Is anyone able to supply a list of all the batches of vehicles which have previously been used on the Airlink 100 (along with which ones had tables installed)?
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    Lothian Buses and ECB Discussion

    According to the Lothian Vehicle Finder, bus 1094 has been working the Tram route today (|History 1094) (I've attached a screenshot from earlier on as well, in case the website changes; see the fourth row from the bottom). I assume this is just a case of one of the trackers...
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    Lothian Buses and ECB Discussion

    Are the 2018 buses not exactly the same as the 2017 Longstone, Zoo and ex-Airlink B5s?
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    Lothian Buses and ECB Discussion

    Depending on the turnaround time at Fountainbridge, running to Granton instead maybe requires another bus on that route? In which case, is it busy enough to justify that?
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    Favourite ScotRail class of EMU?

    I agree with all of these, in my opinion the only thing wrong with the 334s is the lack of any tables at all. For the journeys they make, I don't think the full size tables would be suitable though so I think the half size tables would be best. Seats are very comfortable, especially if you sit...
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    Lothian Buses and ECB Discussion

    Does anyone have a list of all the destinations and numbers available on the roller-blind buses? If I remember correctly, from what I've seen, the number is three rows of 0-9 so the number 106 could be shown, I doubt Dunbar would be on the roller though? Also are the roller displays the same for...
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    Lothian Buses and ECB Discussion

    Speaking of those screens, are the 7900s going to be getting new ones at all? It's been a while since I was on one but I seem to remember the screens on the 7900 making it very difficult to put a ridacard onto the machine, due to the size of the hole and the way it's positioned.
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    Trivia: Most stations served nonstop to/from any station?

    Haymarket ( EDIT: Also Dumbreck (
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    Fastest double decker?

    Aren't all deckers in the UK limited to 50mph? (and for completness, singles are limited to 62mph I think?)