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    Class 345 progress

    They were doing this the previous weekend too but what puzzled me was that the timetable (on RTT) showed them terminating at the eastbound platform at Bond Street and the return starting from the westbound platform. Isn't the nearest crossover to the east of Tottenham Court Road? If so, why...
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    Eurostar test runs Ashford <> St Pancras

    But these have been test runs with 373s as I mentioned above, which serve Ashford daily, not 374s which don't. Simon
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    Eurostar test runs Ashford <> St Pancras

    The last few weekends have seen a 373 run between St Pancras and Ashford and return, does anyone know why? 373229 is currently sat at Ashford P4 and according to RealTimeTrains map will be the 9Z03 13:05 back to STP(?) TIA, Simon
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    Try: Simon
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    2D15 Ashford - Eastbourne 09-Nov

    This is formed of a four car Turbostar (170?) this morning. I thought these were normally summer use only? Simon
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    Saphos Trains - The Golden Arrow - Sat 26/10/19

    It's currently sat at P2 at Ashford with what I think was a 66 on the rear (hurrying to get my bus). The assisting loco is on the London side of the road bridge the train is overhanging the platform that much. Simon
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    Saphos Trains - The Golden Arrow - Sat 26/10/19

    Just seen it on P2 at Ashford, looked like a 66 on the rear. It's well overhanging the platform - the assisting loco is on London side of the road bridge! Simon
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    Saphos Trains - The Golden Arrow - Sat 26/10/19

    Traksy is showing a 1Z99 now in the block behind it. Simon
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    Christmas works at Ashford International - No HS or Eurostar Kent Online is reporting that there'll be no Southeastern HS or Eurostar services over Christmas from Ashford International. Selected bits from the article: " Southeastern High Speed and Eurostar...
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    Thameslink meltdown 02/10 "Can you tell me more about the incident? The 22:56 Brighton to Bedford service developed issues with the pantograph (the equipment on top of the train that draws power from the overhead lines). This train is at a stand at...
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    395015 given yellow branding for 10 year anniversary

    Has yellow branding for the 10th anniversary of Southeastern High Speed services. Its Its currently working the 17:46 St Pancras to Maidstone West. Simon
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    Greater Anglia forcing use of Smart Cards for monthly or longer seasons

    No, despite having the printed gold paper counterpart, admittedly over-printed with 'Not valid for Travel', the driver wouldn't let me on. Now, if I'd got on at the back (It was an LT operated route) and not touched in, no one would have been any the wiser. (I like to touch in so I have a record...
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    HS1 operating incident?

    I heard from a HS1 driver shortly after the 374s stopped calling at Ashford that the introduction of the system was triggering (emergency?) braking when 395s entered the overlap area. Was this incorrect? If the signalling isn't the issue, what is? Simon
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    HS1 operating incident?

    Thanks, that'd explain the 374 pulling away that I heard. Does anyone know when the HS1 signalling that was installed at Ashford at the start of last year will be fixed and brought back into use? Simon
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    HS1 operating incident?

    Does anyone know what the current operating incident is thats thats affecting HS1 by Ashford? From the comfort of my garden I heard the distinctive sound of a 374 humming away and a look at the realtime maps a Eurostar was shown taking the fork into Ashford but it's now reversed back up the...
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    Southeastern stock options for next operator

    The new franchise will be getting rid of first class...
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    Southeastern Engineering Work 16 June

    Was HS1 operating single line working somewhere between Ashford and Ebbsfleet or was the work in the P3-6 area at Ashford (maybe sorting out the signalling so 374s can return to Ashford as its been over a year now since their ill-fated introduction?). Simon
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    SouthEastern franchise direct award through to 1 April 2020 (& franchise competition terminated)

    Could the existing depots service a 12 car '395' or are the current facilities only suitable for one 6 car unit per road? TIA Simon
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    Class 395 Javelin - Opinions

    There's one luggage rack in each of the four centre coaches, it still doesn't stop the two wheeled brigade from leaving their folding bikes or scooters in the doorways though even when empty . Can someone explain what the odd framework is on the driving car between the accessible toilet and the...