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    Difficulty booking Night Riviera berths for May

    I'm trying to book on GWR for twin berths for the Night Riviera from Paddington on 7 May. It seems you can book seats but trying to book a cabin gives a "technical fault", or goes straight to seat reservations Am I doing something wrong?
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    St Albans to Putney Contactless fares

    With the introduction of TFL contactless fares from St Albans there is a large saving to be had now that Off Peak single fares are available for the first time on many routes. A Thameslink priced Anytime single from St Albans to Putney (via West Hampstead and London Overground and avoiding...
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    Virgin Delay Repay query

    I'm submitting a delay claim to Virgin for a Manchester Piccadilly to St Albans Abbey advance which involved changing at Milton Keynes and Watford Junction. The first leg from Manchester was delayed over 60 minutes anyway but the online form also wants details of the second and third legs and...
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    Do online retailers have to offer all tickets?

    I was wondering if online ticket sites are obliged to offer a full range of tickets and make it possible to buy the correct ticket for the journey requested, as would be the case for face to face sales. I had assumed they would be regulated in some way. I am thinking about the German run Omio...
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    Stopping short on Super Off Peak

    I want to travel St Albans to Lewes at the weekend and the off peak return fare offered is £37. If I use Brighton, via Lewes, as a destination I can get an itinerary changing at East Croydon and Lewes for a Super Off Peak fare of £18 - less than half. The restriction code, FB, for the Super...
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    Interavailability on Thameslink

    I need to get to Elephant and Castle from St Albans. With a London Thameslink destination ticket can I get a fast train to London Bridge and then do two stops on the Northern Line under the interavailabilty rules? The text says interavailability is valid "between West Hampstead / Kentish Town...
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    GTR ticket machine network failure

    Does anyone know if the Thameslink ticket machines are running again yet? Apparently there was a network failure that led to them all going offline this morning on Thameslink, Great Northern and Gatwick Express. Ticket office queues out of the door at some stations...
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    Carnet tickets not available.

    I work irregular and unpredictable shifts which can be at any time during the day or night and can change at short notice. Travelling from St Albans to St Pancras and back on Thameslink I can usually get an off peak ticket. On some occasions though a Carnet ticket is the best option, but not...
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    New Thameslink off peak fares.

    Thameslink seemed to have increased the price of off peak day returns to London by about 20% (at least from St Albans). The up side is that the peak time restriction on return leg has been removed. For the old price you can also now buy a new weekday super off peak return for journeys arriving...
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    Lack of Anytime return on South Eastern

    Why do South Eastern not offer an Anytime period return from St Albans to Canterbury when there is an equivalent Off Peak period return (SVR) On day tickets the differential between the Off-Peak Day return and Anytime Day return is fairly small - £37.40 versus £44.50. The Off-Peak...
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    New restriction on Southeastern?

    In the past I have bought period Off Peak Returns from St Albans to Canterbury and travelled back on the 17.25 from Canterbury West. Under restriction code 4F there was no restriction on return travel but now the 17.25 is showing up as unavailable and looking at he bottom of the text for 4F I...
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    What happened to the 'Other Valid Routes' option on National Rail Enquiries

    NRE recently introduced an option to display valid routes for any particular ticket. If you hit the 'details' button for an itinerary it gave you the option to show all valid routes as a red line on a map (although it required a lot of zooming to make the station names appear). Now that...
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    Has something happened to London International CIV fares?

    Earlier this week when travelling to Paris by Eurostar I bought singles between St Albans and London International CIV in each direction. The early outward leg was only £7 and coming back even cheaper at £4. The excellent Bob at Eurostar Domestic Sales handled it very efficiently and apart...
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    Raileasy split ticketing

    Raileasy seem to be planning a split ticket engine. Described as "coming soon" on their site here:
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    Court rules in favour of passenger using a permitted route

    This topic has been discussed on here several times but now someone has taken the trouble to sue First Capital Connect when they didn't want him to save £700 on his season by walking between the two St Albans stations. It looks as though that loophole has been closed now...
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    Southern cash back

    I notice Southern's generous 6% cashback offer has disappeared from Quidco since yesterday. A pity. I used it most days for travel to work for more than a year. The other companies pay much less and often have a minimum fare.
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    Stopping short on CDR

    If I travel from St Albans City to Liverpool Street on a cheap day return it costs £16.30 for a cheap day return to Zone 1/2. The route is to Farringdon by Thameslink and then on the tube to Liverpool Street. If I get a CDR to Stratford (SRA) it is only £14.10 and I can take the same route to...
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    Collecting from a TVM without a card

    I have just used a redspottedhanky voucher on a new account to buy a ticket. As it was less than the £10 value of the voucher it didn't require a card to pay any extra. How do I collect it from a TVM when it asks me to insert the card used for payment to look for the order?
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    Southern refund trouble

    I have been buying tickets online from the Southern site and picking them up from a non-Southern station TVM. It always worked well until 28 June when I got an error message on the screen saying something like; "We have been unable to process one or more of your orders". I couldn't collect...
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    HS to Stratford Int on Travelcard

    I know an all zones Travelcard isn't valid on the High Speed service from St Pancras to Stratford International but can I get an excess or is it a complete new ticket?