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    Next train indicator

    Anyone know of a good video online showing the "full sequence" of the signs, such as these? I'm trying to program my own LED sign to clone them, for fun obviously. something like this:
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    "craziest" rail related thing you've done to your home ...

    I painted my home office in NSE grey and I love it :D and it made me me wonder what other people may have done ...
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    Out-boundary Travelcards the "wrong way"

    Can you use an "out-boundary" travelcard the "wrong way" around? eg. using a Gatwick Airport to Zone 1-6 day travelcard: can I use that to accompany somone to GTW from NWD (in zone 4), and then return from GTW and use the Z1-6 part for the rest of the day, or must I use the GTW to Z1-6...
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    Question on Routing between Routing points

    I believe the consensus is as follows: when figuring out which trains you may take between a routeing points on a traced route when using the maps; as long as the train does not pass through another routeing point. However; looking at map CM (and CS and others) Take the example of Walsall...
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    Find the train service

    I need help finding a rail service/station where: All trains travel between the 2 same terminii; and the train service has a regular "clock face" service; ie. same time every hour; and the service has no "fast" trains; ie, trains that skip some intermediate service.. suggestions please...
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    Routeing Maps: Perry Barr question

    On several of the maps, eg: CC, travel from Birmingham Group to Walsall Group is shown via Perry Barr. however, looking at the maps, you can travel Birmingham New Street to Walsall avoiding Perry Barr, joing the Perry Barr line at Hamstead - so would that be disallowed if using Map CC? It...
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    Quick Brown Fox challenge

    Are there any lines where every letter of the alphabet is used by the stations on the line? If not, how close can you get? I imagine there is at least a 24 letter line. tiebreaker: is the lowest number of stations to make the total :)
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    Is the eNRT the official source of mileage for the NRCOC?

    Or is there a paper version that's official? I've spent my time trying to parse out the eNRT docs. It's a mess :D After catching the distance between Euston and Northampton at 5.25 miles from Table 68 page 31, I'm left with this as the shortest route beween Euston and Glasgow Central: path...
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    Critique my interpretation of the Routeing Guide This is totally my own interpretation, subject to errors, misunderstandings etc. I hope we can work this into something thats close to the real RG, but is possibly more understandable, and has a group consensus on some of the...
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    Travelling through a disallowed routeing point

    Page F6 of the NRG Instructions state: Shrewsbury is disallowed by the fares check rule. Is the example correct, in that if you can trace a route through Shrewsbury due to the map being valid due to an allowed routeing point, you still cannot travel through Shrewsbury?
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    Some errors found in the Routeing Maps

    Basically, this compares the Permitted Routes PDF with the actual map and notes inconsistencies: Map combination [Map: TV] was not used for Routeing Point: Bedford to Routeing Point: Leamington Spa. Routeing Point: Leamington Spa not on Map: TV or Map: TV. Map combination [Map: CL] was not...
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    Fares check rule and Routed tickets

    Following on for my GRV-EPH example. The London routeing point passes for "NOT HS1" tickets, but does not pass for "Any Permitted". The routeing guide is silent on whether a routed fare is allowed to be compared for checking routeing points. So I'm assuming that I can use London Group. So...
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    Flows where a Route restricted fare is higher than Any Permitted

    Please post your example here :wink: Your example is ideal if the restricted route is a permitted route according to the ATOC routeing maps.
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    GroupSave date restrictions

    Caught this one from the ryder cup train thread: Can i use Groupsave to this event? Both Arriva Trains Wales and First Great Western have barred Groupsave to this event can they seriously do this?
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    Double Back Question Part 2

    from the NRG Instructions step 7: "Where a routeing specifies that a combination of Maps be used e.g) ER+PN+BD, the route is via any route on that map from the first routeing point to intercept point(s) for the next map without doubling back, then via any route within that map without doubling...
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    Mileage data question

    On the mileage competition page, there is a link to this: Milepost data (requires some maths) which goes here: Does anyone know where the data comes from and its accuracy?
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    Double Back Question

    More fun: Taking map CL for a minute: Can you travel between Shotton and Bolton via this route: Shotton -> Chester -> Runcorn Group -> Hooton -> Runcorn Group -> Warrington Group -> Hunts Cross Group -> Warrington Group -> Wigan Group -> Bolton Note the "Warrington Group -> Hunts Cross...
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    Fares check rule

    *MODS PLEASE MOVE TO FARES/TICKETING FORUM* If you have a routeing point with multiple member stations, can you basically choose the station which is most advantageous (if any) to pass the fare check rule? eg. consider the Streatham Group: streatham group : [Station: STREATHAM HILL, Station...
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    Mapped Routes Question

    Let's say I have a origin station with associated routeing points A & B; and a destination station is routeing point C; and lets say the fares check rule allows A-C and B-C; On tracing through maps A-C, if I switch between maps at B, is that still a valid route? and more generally on a...
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    My weird NFM06 find

    I used to buy this ticket a lot: Boundary Zone 4 to East Croydon That way I could use fast Thameslink services from Farringdon with my purchased Zone 1-4 travelcard via East Croydon, and catch the first train back to Selhurst or Norwood Junction - unfortunately I did not know and was not...