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    Calling any software developers

    I just saw this thread I'm a software dev, been doing this 25-30 years ago, with assembler, then C, then Java now doing Scala for my paid employment. Also very strong with linux/unix, docker, databases like Postgres etc etc. I would love to pitch in on any open source community projects.
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    Road closed in Market Harborough as lorry hits bridge minutes after it is repaired.

    A nice example from the US of how well a strong steel bar in front of a railway bridge works ....
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    RailUK First Class Lounge Guide

    My wife was just declined access to the lounge at Euston with a Caledonian Std Berth reservation, contrary to what I see on post 1 here, but seems to line up with what has.... is that right? edit: to clarify, she has a Britrail pass + a std berth supplement edit 2: I think the...
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    USA equivalent of real time trains?

    probably not of much interest but in Chicago CTA has live train (and bus) tracking e.g.: and and provide a developer API: Outer-Surburban...
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    Amtrak & CSX collision, South Carolina

    Here is the full report for the Elmwood Park crossing
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    Train derails on highway bridge in Washington state

    In the US, the railroad companies are the owners of the infrastructure, with the notable exception of the Northeast Corridor high-speed line (and Metra in Chicago I believe owns some of their lines). The railroad companies are investing in their infrastructure, but as their business is...
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    Train derails on highway bridge in Washington state

    With it being the inaugural run, surely questions have to be asked whether the driver was under pressure to run as fast as possible to demonstrate the time saving of the new line, and/or the cab wasn't sterile and the driver distracted by others?
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    Farringdon season ticket advice

    If you felt extra healthy, a London Terminals ticket would be valid to City Thameslink and add 5 mins to your walk?
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    Class 319's into storage/withdrawals list

    Yea there are some nice videos of the 319 thrashing out of Euston on YouTube.
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    Class 319's into storage/withdrawals list

    And so it's over
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    Class 319's into storage/withdrawals list

    I don't know the state of construction - there's no way they could have run the traditional via London Bridge and up the viaduct as a special?
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    Class 319's into storage/withdrawals list

    Dang it, but keep up the reporting!
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    Class 319's into storage/withdrawals list

    Are they thrashing the old gal? Let's hope they really get her up to speed on the AC one last time
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    Class 319's into storage/withdrawals list

    Last time on the quarry lines, how I fondly remember bashing them there
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    Class 319's into storage/withdrawals list

    Wonder if its intentional that the final 319 run is a full Brighton - Bedford run?
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    TRIVIA - Things you saw travelling on BR that you don't see today

    worse than pre-eurostar St Pancras?
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    London, Tilbury and Southend Railway linespeed

    Odd celebration --- look how much my faster diesel train runs because it doesn't use the OHLE ....
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    Class 319's into storage/withdrawals list

    wonder who snagged it. anyway good news for some continued 319 thrash
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    Port Sunlight (PSL) - Portsmouth Harbour (PMH) SVR route excess

    or maybe play dumb and just request the ticket be "upgraded to be valid via London" ? The staff are really unlikely to know the "London is valid because its cheaper" rule either.
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    Buying a Railcard-discounted ticket when station can't sell Railcard

    one would hope the TOC would also automatically add in a goodwill gesture, considering the OP has been inconvenienced due to the TOC to provide the required booking office, the OP has been left out of pocket and the OP has had to invest time & money to seek the refund.