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    Season Ticket Route: Faygate to London

    If I have a 7 day season ticket from Faygate [FGT] to London zones 1-6; Is this valid via Three Bridges & Horsham (although not on the same journey) Is this valid on trains which don't stop at Faygate? (eg between Crawley & Horsham) especially as there is no service at weekends for Faygate.
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    Split Advances / changing station

    Sorry I couldn't think of a clearer short description. Can two tickets be combined / considered as one journey where there is a walk between two stations? Examples: From Three Bridges, to go north of London I will buy a ticket to St Pancras then walk to whichever station my train goes...
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    London Terminals Question

    I understand that tickets from Three Bridges to London Terminals are not valid as far as St Pancras. But is the reverse true - is a ticket from London Terminals to Three Bridges valid from St Pancras? I would have thought no but...last weekend I bought a ticket to Three Bridges from a...
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    Routing Guide Help Please

    This may be a daft question and badly worded but here goes. I intend to travel on Sunday as follows. Three Bridges to Wye walk to Folkestone Folkestone to Three Bridges. For ticketing I am getting a Three Bridges to Wye return (travelling via Ashford Int) & a single Folkestone to...
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    Three Bridges to Cuxton & Hollingbourne to Three Bridges

    I wish to do this journey on Sunday 12-June. Leaving Three Bridges @ 9:30am Reaching Cuxton @ Noon Departing Hollingbourne @ 6-7pm I have a network card. Pushing the journey planners around a bit I have reached: Route Three Bridges - Redhill - Tonbridge - Paddock Wood - Cuxton (Goes...
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    Avoiding Penalty Fare Liability

    No I haven't been penalty fared/threatened with PF or any other form of sanction. I have found myself unable to obtain a ticket twice in a few days before boarding a train in (what I believe) to be a penalty fare zone. Firstly, I ended a days walking at a station where the ticket office...
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    Sussex to Hampshire and back

    Hello, I've been reading these forums for some time and though it was time I registered and asked some questions etc. Firstly I'd like to see if I can get the cost of the following journey down. Network Railcard Sunday 29-May Three Bridges / Crawley to Petersfield (arrival time by...