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    Class 350/2 110mph

    When did the 350/2s get cleared to 110mph? Was it all of them or just a subset?
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    Chinnor & Princes Risborough - Platform 4 at Princes Risborough

    Saw that the C&PRR plan to start passenger services to the newly reinstated Platform 4 at Princes Risborough station from the 15th August, advance tickets available from 1st July. Great news and many congratulations to all those who’ve worked so hard on this, it will be fantastic to step off a...
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    LNR Delay Repay on a Travelcard

    I was caught up in the unfortunate incident at Leighton Buzzard on the 14th December and ended up with a delay in excess of 30 minutes (my train skipped LBZ and I had to get a rail replacement coach back) LNR have processed my Delay Repay and repaid £4.59. As it was a £36.70 Travelcard and a...
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    WCML south track bashers

    LM's 2B10 has failed at Tring platform 5 and up slow services are running through platform 4, so there's your chance to travel over that northern junction for platform 4 :D Also .. another 319 failure! LM should have kept the 321s ..
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    First PF - left season ticket

    Been a rather duff Monday so far, and to top it off I left my monthly season at home, only realising after arrival at Euston. Went straight to the excess fare window (LM) but was taken to one side by an RPI who issued the fare, I didn't have to pay anything at the time. He said to write in...
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    Southern WCML problems 24/6

    Seemed to be some issue at Bourne End junction from around 0745 this morning. Everything using the up slow and no movement on the down lines for about 45 minutes. For a good 30 minutes nothing was going through Bourne End junction at all. Local paper (!) mentions a 'temporary repair' for...
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    WCML South issues 18/3

    What's going on with the WCML? I saw a picture earlier of a 390 with a bent panto and a problem on the fast lines. Now LM have started cancelling all of their evening services.. Not much info on Twitter. Anyone know?
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    Winchester peak services

    Contemplating a move to Hampshire and possibly Winchester area. Can anyone who is a regular user on SWT tell me how the prospects are for travelling in the peaks? How loaded are the services from Winchester - do some need to stand the whole way in etc?
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    St Pancras ticket office won't sell CIV tickets

    After a change of plans needed to buy a CIV ticket for travel tomorrow AM, so decided to purchase it from the National Rail ticket office at St Pancras. I was quite surprised to find that the lady behind the counter refused to sell it to me! She said "I am not allowed to sell CIV tickets...
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    Sold impossible Eurostar connection

    Booked a Eurostar journey recently from Bristol and called the domestic sales to book the CIV tickets. It turns out that the inbound was a 'Euro Std Single' with seat reservation (£29.90) the return was sold as an Advance (£18.60) - on a train departing Paddington 32 minutes after the...
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    Delay repay rejection

    I claimed for delay repay because I am sure my train was just over 30 minutes late on arriving. I received a letter stating that the delay was only 11 minutes and so it wasn't valid. I sent the claim email via LMs app just as the train was stopping and it was +35 so I think I'm definitely...
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    Crossrail extension onto WCML Since I live in Hertfordshire and commute to Canary Wharf I sincerely hope this goes ahead :D
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    Keolis to run DLR They will run the franchise from December to April 2021 Always been impressed with the DLR service, hope no jobs go as a result.
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    E* ticket - different name?

    I need to buy some Eurostar tickets for later travel but don't know which of a few people is travelling yet. It will be for travel to Paris Nord. If I buy them in person, do I need to give the traveller details? Or can I buy it online and just wing it even if the name is different to the...
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    Can't travel on set route - diversion?

    A relative has a Tring to Southampton Central route Via Kensington Olympia and wants to travel today. There are no Southern trains between Milton Keynes and Clapham today due to engineering works, and no Overground trains between Watford and Queens Park. London Midland have said they will...
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    Departmental service last night (11/12)

    Out of interest what was this movement? Acton - Euston - Watford - Euston Then Euston - Marylebone Just done Marylebone - Aylesbury...
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    Euston evacuated 10/12

    Inspector Sands being kept busy NR and tube stations evacuated at about 1845 Nothing running at present..
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    Wolverton 17/10/13 (WCML cursed section)

    Blocked due to power failure and coaches ordered between Northampton and MKC Also delays due to earlier faulty train (guessing the fault is related to the pantograph!)
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    WCML closed at Milton Keynes Central 21/8

    Due to a person under a train it looks like all northbound trains from Euston are cancelled apart from LM/LO stopping services as far as MKC and passengers are being sent to Marylebone/StP/KX as appropriate..
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    FCC ticket machines: buying from different origin 'is possible'

    IPFAS have today confirmed to me that the ticket machines at St Pancras will sell a ticket from a different origin station than St Pancras. From the photos they have sent they used the ones adjacent to platforms A/B, which I tested a few weeks back and did not find any option that would...