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    WCML wires down and disruption

    According to OTT an Avanti 390 has been stuck at Harrow & Wealdstone since 1.30 yesterday..
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    RMT DOO Dispute on West Midlands Trains

    Isn’t that breach of contract, possibly even illegal? Assuming it wasn’t voluntary RDW or whatever
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    Delay Repay

    I claim for everything, despite the process being a completely tedious affair. The rail company should know the price, ticket type, destination etc. from the ticket number, which they should be able to recognise from the photo of the ticket
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    Government announces independent review into HS2 programme

    Cancelling HS2, or the threat thereof, is likely to be a very popular suggestion amongst the core vote that this administration needs to secure to guarantee a majority in the next General Election. The highest rated comments on the BBC’s current headline article should give some general idea on...
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    Class 350/1 refurbishment

    350104 on the Wolverhampton-Euston service this morning
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    London Northwestern Smartcard

    I'm interested to see where this goes. Anyone have more details? Currently I do 2/3 days per week, and it would be good to just load a ticket onto this, purchased at home, rather than having to queue up at a TVM etc. Would I be able to load a 'Zones 1-6' travelcard onto it - is it compatible...
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    Poor Delay Management (Or how to lose friends and alienate people)

    Thanks, Realtimetrains updated itself after I posted, looks like I did well to get that one!
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    Poor Delay Management (Or how to lose friends and alienate people)

    No I mean some day there was disruption, they ran 390 services that did all stops to MKC, or something? Might have been that snow day in 2008, will do a search
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    Poor Delay Management (Or how to lose friends and alienate people)

    Wasn’t that when Virgin ran local stoppers too?
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    Poor Delay Management (Or how to lose friends and alienate people)

    Out of interest, I was on this train, and it wasn't cancelled, just left late. Where can I see its actual timings?
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    Poor Delay Management (Or how to lose friends and alienate people)

    Certainly have never seen this before! That said I didn't actually have too bad a delay - I looked on Opentraintimes to find whichever train was supposed to be heading to Birmingham, and just loitered around on the platform. Once services started to run again, the driver/guard soon appeared...
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    Coupling and uncoupling with passengers on board

    Unless it's changed with LNR, I've been on 350s while they're coupled together at Euston quite a few times. Doors locked, warning from the guard, small bump, doors opened.
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    Class 350/2 110mph

    No armrests !
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    Class 350/2 110mph

    I wish to retract this statement, as LNW seem to be putting 350/2s on the Birmingham fasts now, and this is not fine
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    Class 350/2 110mph

    No doubt we’ll be seeing it on the Allelys Facebook page soon!
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    Class 350/2 110mph

    Shame they’re getting rid of them !
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    Class 350/2 110mph

    When did the 350/2s get cleared to 110mph? Was it all of them or just a subset?
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    Fare evasion - is it worth it?

    Or (opens can of worms) London Northwestern (provided the guard gets to you before the RPIs do)
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    How Vulnerable are Trains to Drone Attack?

    Obligatory “drone and train” video, just in case you haven’t seen it before Haven’t seen a WCML version just yet, doubt we will after Gatwick :) FPV drone, so flown with headset..
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    Rod Liddle article: The dangers of listening to another passenger

    Was that the same Rod Liddle who wrote a Sun article a few weeks ago, complaining that a Labour MP and Labour Lord would not have gained their positions, “were it not for the colour of their skin” ? Odious man.