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    TFL Rail - Reason for continued reduction in service in West (Paddington) compared to East (Liverpool Street)

    If they are ready to start running the 345s, wouldn't it make more sense to just run the existing 2tph using 345s until demand rises again and just withdraw the 360s? The 360s are already failing every other day at this point.
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    Eurostar and the virus Good news?
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    Student travel in London

    Assuming she has an 18+ Oyster (or aiming to get one in September), then that's the best option in my opinion. I've been buying monthly Z1-3 travelcards for the last 3 years and it's overall saving is definitely worth it. If she ventures out into another zone then it's a measly £1.50 on most...
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    Eurostar and the virus

    Their website shows 3 to Paris and 2 back tomorrow. Definitely looks like Eurostar are picking up. It does seem that this quarantine isn't making sense to implement so late now. Demand is there and the new rules are just gonna hit international rail between the UK and mainland back to square 1.
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    Eurostar and the virus

    Eurostar have ramped up to twice daily between Paris Nord and London St Pancras. Still not stopping at Lille, Calais, Ashford or Ebbsfleet however. Is this a sign of demand slowly increasing? I'm guessing it'll be short-lived as both France and UK will have 14-day quarantines imposed from 8th June.
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    Android App for Departures only?

    The one I use is OnRails. Simple and clean UI and is my app of choice
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    GTR Trainee Train Planner 2020

    Thank you much appreciated
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    GTR Trainee Train Planner 2020

    I have done the online tests and have an interview scheduled in two weeks. I'm guessing due to the pandemic they are skipping the usual assessment centre in Croydon? Does any one know what kind of reading I should be doing before the interview? Thank you
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    GTR Trainee Train Planner 2020

    Hello all, I've just been invited to an online interview in 2 weeks time. Which one would be the one I'm invited for as I haven't done the half-day assessment and they haven't sent any material over yet to go through. Thank you
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    "Open All Doors" function

    I’ve definitely seen it on the GatEx 387s when some drivers opens all the doors a minute before departure
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    Most Interesting, Most Nostalgic, Most Boring, Most Hated

    Most interesting: St Pancras Int'l. International trains to Europe, Thameslink and its vast network and Southeastern HS services. And that glorious roof. Most nostalgic: The Overground East London Line. Always reminds me of the former ELL and the times of going to/from school in those lovely A...
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    Thanks nhs Vinyl 700.

    That looks brilliant! The green designs would make for a nice new Southern livery imo the current one is a bit boring.
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    Your longest time spent on a bus or coach?

    Dar es Salaam to Kampala via Nairobi. Took something like 40 hours (including an hour stop in Nairobi). My rear has never been the same and I have developed a severe allergic reaction to coaches
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    Refunds for April tickets now not required

    The exact text states: "We've had to cancel your train from Brussels / Lille / Calais on 18 March following changing demand in light of Coronavirus. Please go to (insert link) for free exchange or refund."
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    Refunds for April tickets now not required

    E* sent both a text and an email
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    Refunds for April tickets now not required

    I had an 18th March E* booking and they were heavily pushing people to apply for vouchers around a week before departure. I waited until the day before, when they "officially cancelled" my train and I got the refund for it a few days ago. I got a 8th and 16th April bookings that I'm waiting...
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    Class 345 progress

    Now stuck at Airport Junction. I presume it's 345062 wreaking havoc?
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    TOCs and the use of cheap agency platform staff

    You're not alone :) I'm an agency worker but not a despatcher although I do work on trains for a TOC and do platform work for another TOC. The guys at the TOCs who get to know us treat us really well and no differently compared. Like any other job out there (TOC or Agency) there are bad eggs...
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    Class 345 progress

    The TfL Rail train I took from Ealing today actually made automatic announcements regarding the closure on 1st and 16th March. It even said use the Central and District Lines from Ealing Broadway. I thought it was weird that they would close Paddington to Ealing but now that it's for Crossrail...