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    Enforcement of the new rules on social distancing, unnecessary journeys etc.

    a twitter thread by the lawyer the Times asked to look into the Newcastle case is at text follows: Kirsty Brimelow QC @Kirsty_Brimelow THREAD: A humble attempt to explain why I say there was no power to arrest or charge or...
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    Coldest UK railway station

    Get off the train at Penistone, get a face full of rain!
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    Plans to reopen the Stocksbridge line submitted to the Government

    And if it ever got extended to Penistone it would be rammed in peak times.
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    Landslip between Redhill and Tonbridge

    a tweet showing location of landslip here:
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    Legality or otherwise of opening post for someone not at your address

    No idea if it's legal, but you should definitely open it. Got a weird letter from the water co when I'd moved in about how the billing address had changed and addressed to someone else, not me or previous owner. Told water co, thought no more about it. Then threatening letters turned up. It...
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    Blackpool North Pole?

    rib tickling stuff, but I thought the one where they cancelled the last two trains from Sheffield to Huddersfield on a Friday night was pretty edgy.
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    Blackpool North Pole?

    took me a day to get it!
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    Blackpool North Pole?

    "barnsleigh interchange" - only noticed it on the way out so no snap, but got this earlier. shame they can't run a railway.
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    Photo Sites

    one or two train pictures here, rarely updated and not the main focus, but here you go:
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    Companies That You Expect to Disappear Soon

    Noticed Herbert Brown pawnbrokers in Barnsley have shut down, apparently that happened a couple of months ago, and the Swinton Insurance place next to it has gone as well. Looked at SWs website, they don't seem to have any branches now. Not looking good for commercial property, or those...
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    Power notches on modern emu

    amazing what you can find on google! never knew this was a thing.
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    What decade did you start work in? And how was it for you?

    1974 (I think) Laundry Machine Operator in a hospital. Saw some s**t there I can tell you. Didn't get paid either, then had the mysteries of working a week in hand explained to me. Lots of older guys struggling on crap wages while I lived the life of riley... But 70's good for getting work...
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    Increases in rail ridership & rail vs road/car discussion.

    cycle or walk to nearest town / station, train thereafter. mercifully not commuting at the moment but would buy a car rather than go back to public transport. northern screwed an afternoon up for me last week, cost me 15 quid and wasted hours of my time in an unpleasant environment, so will be...
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    Longest line of sight (UK)

    Have seen Lincoln Cathedral from Ringinglow, above Sheffield.
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    National Park Buses

    I got the train to Seascale and and paid £30 for a taxi to Wasdale Head just over a year ago. Plus £30 to come back! Once in a lifetime trip for three of us so I didn't mind shelling out, but certainly won't make a habit of it.
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    EMT hire LNER HST

    they're different owing to the fragmented nature of the railway.
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    Franchise obligations not delivered

    no idea of the legalities but Sheffield council put up half (?) the money for the bridge refurb. mml (?) put people with attitude on either end of the bridge and told the public to use the really rather nasty overbridge to the west of the station. cue a huge fuss by public, media and council and...
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    Why are Northern allowed to cancel Sunday Services seemingly at will?

    just wasted 90 mins of my life waiting for a rail replacement bus. if there'd been advance warning (eg. notices at every affected station saying no trains on Sunday) I wouldn't have made arrangements. should have known better than to even go to the station.
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    Joined up railway?

    go to ticket window. buy ticket. get on train, oh wait, where's my lawyer with in depth knowledge of ticketing restrictions and Victorian by laws? buying a ticket is just surreal. going to Cambridge once, was asked did I want "any permitted" or "not via London"? asked the guy what that meant...
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    Hidden Gems (stations , viaducts etc)

    Station hotel at Silkstone Common. spread eagle in penistone but a bit of a walk from the station. plus Old no. 7 et al in Barnsley.