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    Bill Maynard RIP

    Very sad to learn of Bill passing. Great actor. Thank you for being a True entertainer and now R I P Bill.
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    What will GTR do with all of their units once the full Thameslink timetable is running?

    Passing through the Ely area by road this week, I saw a number of 365's stabled close to ENJ. I never got to see how many.
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    Alphabet Stations Challenge

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    Ely North Junction upgrade proposals

    Regarding my comments on Liz Truss, please READ what I Originally wrote before making further stupid comments? Thank you.
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    Ely North Junction upgrade proposals

    There are currently 3 stations on the King's Lynn - Cambridge line that can only take 4 car trains, being Watlington, Littleport and Waterbeach, while SW Norfolk MP Liz Truss was recently almost demanding the platforms be installed almost overnight. Knowing where she lives, so has NO use of the...
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    Wisbech Model Railway Club

    For anybody residing in the Wisbech area, were/are you aware that Wisbech Model Railway Club has been in existence for nearly 13 years now? It was started following a meeting of the then Wisbech - March Bramley Line and held our first meeting in nearby Emneth just 3 weeks later, before then...
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    Great Northern Class 700 diagrams?

    Regarding King's Lynn line, this should NEVER have been singled in the first place. I used to work it as a Guard, then RPI until forced to take early retirement. I have heard that there is talk about reinstating to double tracks, but there Might be a problem with some masts. However, I await the...
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    The driver's view: 'The memory of a rail suicide never leaves you'

    Back in 1991, a driver I worked with in October 1990 and I attended the Inquest of a young man who had been hit by another train, but we found him still alive, sadly dying the next day. Whether or not my name made the paper I do not care. We just did our best to help the man all we could. As we...
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    Thank you very much for the welcome. I am doing my best to find my route around here.

    Thank you very much for the welcome. I am doing my best to find my route around here.
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    The driver's view: 'The memory of a rail suicide never leaves you'

    During my time on the railway, I do recall one Great driver who it was said had 3 jump-jockeys during his time. It sadly later 'killed' him as he was to suffer a fatal heart attack at a youngish age and in all seriousness, he turned out to be one of the Best drivers I had the sheer Pleasure of...
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    Train Dispatching

    When I joined the railway as a Guard, I was always given Right Away at main stops by station/platform staff, but at minor stops as I will call them, I used my discretion. Then after electrification, the trains were soon DOO and I never had to bother because I was then transferred to Conductor...
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    locomad46 has just arrived in platform number 1. It took some doing, as I tried 3 other names I use and it turns out others already use them.