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    GBRf Trainee Train Manager (On-Track Machine)

    An interesting trainee position for GBRF just popped up on one of my social media thingys. There’s a few provisos such as having to have previous Ground Staff experience and have passed Psychometric assessments within 5-years. Knock yourselves out...
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    Future First Group Trainee Train Driver talent pool

    Apologies if this is old news (can’t see a thread on it), but this popped up on a popular social media platform today, thought it might be of use to anyone looking for future vacancies to register.
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    Balfour Beatty - Qualified Drivers

    this popped up on my social medias. Quite a wildcard as driving goes I guess, but will no doubt appeal to some?
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    Mobile Ground Staff - Freightliner vacancies

    Click Might be of use to some? I’d have considered applying a few month back. Not sure what the salary is like though? Good luck to any who apply!
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    GWR Medical advice

    Hi all, Time for the obligatory ‘medical advice thread’! So I have my my conditional offer of employment from GWR, and my medical booked for 18 April in Swindon. To say I’m happy I’ve been ‘conditionally’ offered a driving job after only being in the talent pool for a couple of months is an...
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    Train Driver Psychometric Assesments to be made fairer?

    This just popped up on my LinkedIn and found it interesting. I thought it was going to say about actually making it fairer, but as with a lot of indistries it actually looks more like the assesment process is potentially being looked as as it’s not necessarily as fair as it could be to certain...
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    Colas Rail - Trainee Freight Driver

    Hi all and a Happy New year! I'm not sure if there's a thread on this, I have done a forum search and can't find one, but I do recall talking about it here somewhere? I was just looking at Colas' website and my 'portal' from when I applied for Trainee Driver on 21 November. I forgot all about...
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    Assessment Centre invite - Advice needed!

    So, I have a conundrum (like a few others I believe!). In a nutshell and as I don't want to sound like a broken record, I have an issue. I passed all psychometric assessments apart from MMI with SWT back in April 2014 (so 3.5 years ago) and the MMI with Freightliner in October. No I've been...
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    MMT/OTM roles at Colas

    Hi all, Very conscious that there's another Colas thread, however that is specifically regarding the Apprentice Driver scheme. Therefore I thought I'd start a new thread as I have a couple of questions regarding the MMT and OTM roles at Colas; 1. Does anybody know a rough salary scale? (If it...
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    South Western Railway - Trainee Driver Vacancies (Farnham/Guildford/Wimbledon/Woking)

    As the title suggests, just a head’s up. Only been listed for a day or two and closing date tomorrow! (24th). Good luck to any who apply. Clicky
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    The “two strikes” rule for Train Driver recruitment

    Hi all, I did search the forum but couldn’t find anything relating to my question so thought I’d start a new thread. So my question; I’m aware that there’s a rule whereby an application only ever gets two goes at the trainee train driver assessments in their lifetime. I was thinking the other...
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    Calculation of fines

    Mod Note: Posts #1 - #4 originally in this thread. I might be a bit out of touch, but the ‘average’ was until quite recently, as I stated. Admittedly this depends on means under means testing, but also the severity of the offence.
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    Recruitment flawed?

    Hi all, What are your thoughts on recruitment, not solely on the Railway, but certainly largely on the railway? I've read so much recently of a push for female applicants in to certain industries, as well as the usual push for minority groups. It seems to me that 'positive discrimination' as I...
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    Network Rail - Application Form Submission

    Hi all, I have applied for a couple of jobs over the last year with NWR, both unfortunately unsuccessful, however I was wondering if anybody could shed some light on how the application forms are submitted? The first form online I filled out was for a Signaller position, and I had numerous...
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    Car Crashes on/next to railway

    BBC News Services were up the spout earlier due to this one, very tragic and thoughts with all those concerned! Initial report was a car crashed on to the track, but I notice BBC news say it crashed adjacent with debris spread across the line. As far as Im aware it occurred line side, though...
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    Failed multi-modal interview

    Hi all, after some advice please. I recently sat an interview for Depot Driver with a TOC and today received a letter informing me that I had been unsuccessful in my application. I passed the all then psychometric tests on a separate date however. Just wondered if this counts as one of my life's...
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    TS:13 on Mac?

    As the title says really. I have a Mac which obviously wont run TrainSim alone. I've researched this and have found probably the most reliable and in the longterm, easiest way to allow it it run is to use Boot Camp to section a part of the Mac's memory to run Windows. This appears safest too, as...
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    Lost content?

    Just realised that all DLC relating to the class 455 on the Pompey line has disappeared...I assume it's occurred since it updated to the 2013 edition, but only noticed now...Can anybody help? Thanks chaps.
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    Petersfield to Peterborough tomorrow?

    Hi gurus, need some advice if I may. Travelling tomorrow arriving in London by around 1230hrs. I'll be on a priv and wondered what you'd advise to the best ticket? I think it's okay to pay from Clapham to Peterborough, although some is via tube, is this acceptable using a priv ticket? I'm SWT...
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    white Platforms..

    Hi all, need some advice please! I noticed that Steam updated Train Sim 2012 yesterday, but on playing the Portsmouth Line I noticed all the platforms seem to be bright white, as does the track....seems okay on other routes...Any ideas? thanks in advance!