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    380s on the Ayr Line

    The Ayr to Edinburgh/North Berwick services are an operational nightmare. They regularly carry delays from one side of the country to another. I wouldn't be suprised to see them go at some point- they existed only to move 380s across to work North Berwick and Dunbar services to get them to...
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    Andy Byford appointed next TfL Transport Commissioner

    essentially Andy was being undermined by The Governor of New York State and the job he signed up for changed dramatically- he thought he was going to run it all but half of it was taken off him and he takes no prisoners in his interview when he left. In New York the Governor runs the MTA, the...
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    380s on the Ayr Line

    This why I said the drivers don’t “sign” and the Ticket Examiners “know” them. Ticket examiners do get training on the use of ramps, locations of pass comms, fire extinguishers and emergency procedures particular to any traction they work. Its not safety critical yes and it’s not to the...
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    380s on the Ayr Line

    380s will more than likely still monopolise Ayrshire for the time being. While nothing is ever perfect- they are a very close to perfect fit for these routes. The only major sticking point is no Ayr drivers sign for 385s, but that's not a major problem a quick conversion course for Ayr...
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    I remember the original-original game of Transport Tycoon. It came out when you bought PC games in a massive A4 sized Cardboard box and inside was a CD rom in a CD Jewel case! Quickly became addicted to the game on my spotty teenage years. Then Transport Tycoon Deluxe came along, again it...
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    Scotrail Class 385 Discussion

    I think using expensive brand new 100mph trains on a middling branch line like East Kilbride with a top line speed of 50mph is not a really good use of resources. Dedicated fleet of heavily refurbished 4 car Class 321s off peak and 8 cars off peak would do the job and guarantee at least a 4 car...
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    First Greater Glasgow

    I'm 50/50 on that idea. Duntocher would get nicer buses, efficiency wise it makes sense so that 6s dont run empty from EK through Clydebank to the business park but the reliability would fall through the floor and Avondale would capitalise on this. One delay on the existing 6 route- which is a...
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    First Greater Glasgow

    Try using a Daytripper on a JMB 56 to Shotts, a Canavans 43 to Kilsyth, an Avondale 400 to the Drum or a United 7 to Townhead in Coatbridge then...
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    First Greater Glasgow

    You will also then say that operators that withdraw commercial operated journeys, should then not be allowed to bid for replacement SPT contracts..... And then all the other operators would be banned from publicly owned SPT facilities- which would be against the public interest.... The only...
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    First Greater Glasgow

    There's no accountability or reimbursement on Daytripper tickets. Unlike ZoneCard the Daytripper is not a neccessity for any bus operator to accept. Unlike the Zonecard where the diary is used to apportion the revenue from the scheme, no such mechanism exists for DayTripper. They know how...
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    First Midland bluebird Survival

    I recon the current X prefixes are merely a marketing plan, adding a bit of prestige, seX appeal and eXclusivity to a route. The way the X prefixes are being thrown about by First (all parts in Central Scotland) and LCB is becoming a bit of an eXtravagence and starting to lose all meaning...
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    If overhead line equipment is damaged by a bird, could a TOC be responsible if the bird was small? This huge document attributes blame. Page Q2 answers a bit of your question.
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    G&SW passenger numbers up, despite seeming lack of interest by Scotrail

    A total lack of 156s and bad overcrowding on the more urban areas of the line at Barrhead and East Kilbride is the main reason for the service stagnating further down the line. That's no consolation for anyone, it's just the way it is just now unfortunately. Theres a lot of potential in the...
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    First Greater Glasgow

    Hourly service that you wont see unless your really looking for it! One of the few remaining traditional Glasgow urban safaris that goes everywhere but you wouldnt dream of using it end to end.
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    Should I relocate to work for northern?

    No matter whose vinyl is on the sides of the train, they will always need people to work inside of the train. They have a vacancy that needs filled, so go for it! The uncertainty will be for the senior, senior management- but that's why they are on the big money.
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    Abellio Scotrail Franchise to end early in March 2022

    it’s a double edged sword, it’s operationally “easier” just to keep sets together rather than leave sets somewhere across the North Clyde and then have to tie them up to something else later on. Saves wear and tear on couplers with the resulting non-multi/multi only restrictions, ecs moves to...
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    First Bus Edinburgh: Overground

    in essence that is exactly what happened. The only good thing to come out of the old First Edinburgh empire of the past is them leaving the Borders and the Lothians, that is their legacy, leaving. Their replacement operators have all shown what can be done with focused ambitious management and...
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    Rmt look set to go to war...

    You just need to see who is in charge of First Uk Rail and current industrial relations at SWR to know that there’s trouble brewing....
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    Most Inefficient Use Of Stock

    Shotts services have been accelerated for December on each half of the route. Trains will wait time at Shotts to permit them to be Presented at or originate at Glasgow and Edinburgh at the current times for pathing etc. Not ideal if your going though Shotts but a handy buffer for performance.
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    First Greater Glasgow

    I've never ever thought route branding was ever a good idea for buses, and if you are going to do it, do it for a very small selection of routes and the secret that is lost in Glasgow is not to brand the entire PVR of a route so that you don't end up with branded buses on the "wrong" route...