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    Ely North Junction upgrade proposals

    Here is a Network Rail presentation from 2018 which gives a general idea. (PDF file)
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    Bristol Metrobus

    Can anyone advise if the Bristol Parkway/Airfield/Cribbs extension will operate as a only shuttle between Cribbs and Parkway Station, or will it carry on to the centre and Hengrove, in effect giving the north end of M1 two routes to Cribbs?
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    SWR CL 707 v CL 701

    Cheaper leasing costs for the Class 701 v Class 707, with the benefit of a single metro fleet for the purposes of training and maintenance. The Rolling Stock company takes the risk here that its 707 fleet is homeless and it has an expensive asset sitting empty in the sidings.
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    WCML New Rolling Stock Discussion

    Can anyone clarify which wholly electric services which are currently operated by Voyagers will move to the new EMUs? I wonder if they will simply order 5 car EMUs or take the opportunity for 'full length' units to maximise capacity. I'm assuming the bi-modes will be short units to allow...
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    New trains for East Midlands Franchise

    Seems daft to be putting these centre cars into storage!
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    WCML New Rolling Stock Discussion

    My thoughts also. On which 'under the wires' services do Voyagers currently operate? I don't see why the opportunity isn't being taken to maximise capacity.
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    Scotrail Class 385 Discussion

    See the Scottish Electrification thread here, from the Infrastructure and Stations subforum.
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    South Africa's Gautrain seeks second-hand EMUs from the UK

    Reported in Railway Gazette that South Africa's Gautrain are seeking second-hand EMUs from the UK to supplement their fleet, which was previously built in Derby, and based on the Electrostar design. (I feel this fits better here than in the International forum).
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    First South West and Wales discussion

    It's not just the timetables changing on July 21st, fares are too.
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    New trains for East Midlands Franchise

    I'd be tempted to order a new fleet for the CrossCountry regional routes and take their Turbostars for East Midlands. Ideally West Mids would boost their CAF DMU order and take over the shorter CrossCountry Nottingham/Leicester routes, and also order extra for the longer CrossCountry regional...
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    WCML InterCity Franchise

    In the 2012 West Coast franchise competition, Virgin's bid proposed replacing Voyagers with 6-car 'baby' Pendolinos. Loco haulage would have been used for the diesel lines. First proposed a smaller number of 125mph EMUs to supplement the Voyagers. More details here.
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    New trains for East Midlands Franchise

    Do Southern have spare 171s to release to EMR or are they looking at DMU or bi-mode replacements for the 171s?
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    New trains for East Midlands Franchise

    Much mention has been made of the Class 180s transferring to East Midlands, but are they a permanent fixture for the duration of the franchise, or a stop-gap to allow non-PRM HSTs to be withdrawn and prior to the arrival of new intercity bi-modes? Given that they will be a particularly small...
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    East Midlands franchise won by Abellio

    21 Class 153s leaving in the first 6 months will leave a major hole in the regional fleet, surely? I didn't think that new DMUs would be in place in the West Midlands to cascade 170s in that timeframe.
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    New trains for East Midlands Franchise

    Here is a direct link to the post with the image showing the livery. For what it's worth, I believe it shows a Class 222, not a Class 180, alongside a Class 170 'EMR Regional' and a Class 360 'EMR Electrics'.
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    Virgin price guarantee app

    Virgin aren't going quietly, are they? Shame it has taken them so long to develop this though. I wonder how much of this is political at this stage in the game. Not quite clear what the article means by "best fare calculated retrospectively". Surely you want it there and then and calculated...
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    Virgin West Coast Open Access Application

    I'd be astonished if, firstly, paths were available to support this, and secondly, if this passed the abstraction test. It's also interesting that they've teamed up with Alstom who presumably would be providing the rolling stock. A small fleet, possibly with tilt, would likely be very expensive.
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    Alstom Class 321 Hydrogen 'Breeze' Updates & Discussion

    Other than the very general announcements regarding new bi-mode intercity trains, more modern regional stock and hydrogen trial, we're yet to see any specifics at all. Other than Alstom, I believe only Vivarail have indicated the possibility of hydrogen conversions.
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    Alstom Class 321 Hydrogen 'Breeze' Updates & Discussion

    There is also to be a trial in the new East Midlands franchise.