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    Validity question - LU Zones 1-3 ticket

    I've been sold a ticket to zones 1-3 for a journey to London City Airport in the past.
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    Eurostar UK connecting tickets ToD - any card?

    Thanks all, I was able to pick up the tickets this morning with a different card.
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    Eurostar UK connecting tickets ToD - any card?

    I've just booked a Eurostar "through ticket" from Sheffield to Brussels, and I've been given a ToD code to collect the tickets for the UK leg. Does this require the same card to collect the tickets as was used to make the booking, or do Eurostar allow any card for collection...
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    Euston mainline to Kings Cross underground is your friend...
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    British Government launches light rail consultation

    Yes, big works for months at a time over the last few summers and again this year (starting next Friday), with routes truncated and partial bus replacements.
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    Sheffield/Rotherham Tram-Train update Tram-Train service suspended until further notice after fault found on one of the Citylink vehicles.
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    Which train company responsible for onward travel?

    If she’s not familiar with Manchester Piccadilly it’s worth mentioning to her that the fastest route from any of the low numbered platforms over to 14 (where the TP will depart from) is to use the footbridge half way down the platforms - don’t follow the crowd to the buffer stops end, look for...
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    Point-to-point season adding to existing zonal season?

    You definitely don't want to get a refund on your existing ticket and then buy a new one, but you may be able to get a "changeover" converting one ticket into the other one. The difference is that a season ticket refund is not pro-rata - it's based on what it would have cost you if you had...
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    MML vs ECML some thoughts

    I’d definitely question the Sheffield figure, as I’d hardly dismiss all the Leeds commuter and stopping services and the trans Pennine flows as mere “connecting services” into the London ones - Sheffield to Manchester and the airport is a huge market in its own right and the airport trains often...
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    Questions regarding the rules for purchasing train tickets in the Netherlands.

    I run a shop and we are charged the same for all UK debit cards - Visa, MasterCard debit, Maestro and V-Pay (though I can’t remember the last time I saw one of the last two types in the wild). Slightly higher fees for UK credit cards, higher still for corporate and international. And highest of...
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    GA/Sheepline payment issues

    “Approved” or “authorised”? If the card was authorised by the bank but the transaction was not subsequently “collected” by the merchant then the authorisation should disappear and the funds release in a couple of days. The merchant may have said it “wasn’t authorised” but this doesn’t...
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    Tramlink touching in

    Though there’s a bootstrapping problem there if you board at the same stop as an inspector and then can’t touch in as the machines have been turned off. Buses they can turn off the “remote” validators but keep the one next to the driver active and funnel boarding passengers through the front set...
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    Silly routeing on Liverpool to Sheffield

    It has been suggested above that the industry line is that “any permitted” is more confusing for passengers rather than simpler.
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    Sheffield/Rotherham Tram-Train update

    The way I’ve always seen it work the conductor will liaise with the RPI and either say something like they’ve done everyone from this row forwards or if that’s not practical follow the RPI down the tram to point out the people who haven’t had a chance to pay yet. Seems pretty reliable though...
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    Inconveniently Sited Stations

    Indeed, I did some work experience in the building that is now the Macdonald Hotel (it used to be a BT office building) and the Travis St entrance was far more convenient than the alternatives at the time.
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    Derby - Oxford, returning via London

    ... the cheapest and simplest of which may be one of the frequent coach services - Oxford Tube or X90, which are £8 or £9 single fare, and depending where in Oxford you are starting from and where you are going in London may be as quick as the train once you factor in getting to and from the...
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    Sheffield/Rotherham Tram-Train update

    It's rather worrying that we've had two incidents in the space of a few weeks at that same location, both with inbound TT services. How many incidents have there been with the older tram vehicles at the same location? Is it something specific to the TTs that means they have a longer emergency...
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    Sheffield/Rotherham Tram-Train update

    They're ticket sellers, not just checkers - Supertram has no platform ticket machines (they did in the very early days but haven't now for many years), so single fares are always purchased on board, and day/week tickets are also available from the conductor.
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    TramTrain boo boo

    Do conductors not have a cab key for the Tram Trains? I'm pretty sure they all do for the standard tram vehicles (stowing their bags in the back cab).
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    Any apps / web sites to see arrival time of a train that's already left departure station?

    Though it’s only as good as the data feed and won’t necessarily get the platform right in the case of a short notice set swap.