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    RAIB Report 03/2020: Class investigation into human performance in signalling operation

    I always thought the combination of MSL with a double gate arrangement that locks the outer gate, but leaves the inner gate unlocked so you can reach a place of safety, was the optimum solution. Not sure a road equivalent was ever attempted?
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    EMR December timetable changes?

    They won’t, it will be in May 21 instead. But it doesn’t change any of the recruitment profiles or preparation - apart from the current social distancing restrictions, it is very much still ‘go’.
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    "Open All Doors" function

    Mk4s. Useful when trying to find a sticky door that was preventing you from gaining interlock.
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    Class 8̶0̶4̶ 810 for East Midlands Railway Construction/Introduction Updates

    It’s a render. They have sliding pocket doors as per all other 80x.
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    WMR Class 196 Build and Implementation

    Ah apologies misread that. End gangways are definitely possible for the UK platform and has been offered during franchise competitions previously. Just never come to pass.
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    WMR Class 196 Build and Implementation

    It’s not the cab that would be the issue - it would remove one of the unique selling points of the FLIRT platform, the ability to have level access boarding.
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    Northern Unit Refurbishments

    Exactly what they’re doing - before next Autumn... :lol:
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    Thameslink timetable improvements

    Simply put, no. The entire 4 tracks are blocked overnight for maintenance, and then 2 come off to allow the Sunday morning service. All back in use by midday Sunday. Not dissimilar to other mainline routes. If you want Saturday night access, you’ll have to give up access elsewhere to allow it...
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    Welsh Class 158 transmission

    The SWT example was awful to ride on. Crews and passengers hated it, and it subsequently spent a lot of time on Lymingtons.
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    WMT plans additional hourly service from Northampton to London Euston from Dec 2020

    I read it as the slow line departure is xx25, the corresponding additional fast line as xx52. I also expect it to be rejected as it was previously.
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    GA class 156 to EMR

    As per letter from the DfT as reported over the last week, a last minute time bound derogation for solo 153s on EMR was granted by DfT, to avoid multiple cancellations daily due to late cascade from GA.
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    Do GWR 800/802s decouple in service and should sets be extended to 9 cars?

    Thoroughly disagree. There are some individuals who could be entrusted, as CY intimates, but they are few and far between. Look at the mess WMT has ended up in. The ideal result is a joint output of commercial nous, operational know-how and planning expertise. Relying on anything else will...
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    EMR December 2020 Timetable Consultation

    You’re not. It’s on page 20.
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    RMT DOO Dispute on West Midlands Trains

    Except on WMT, that isn’t the case. Doing any kind of service or tickets is treated as distinctly optional, alarm resets on 350s is Driver responsibility, they don’t even touch toilet reset, announcements are strictly limited to pointlessly regurgitating the PIS, and it is unusual to see anyone...
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    Should TrainFX be considered an acceptable PIS solution?

    The thing about TrainFX is that the idea is sound, the market clearly there, and as it’s been pulled together by people who designed and engineered the rolling stock originally, it should work! I half wonder if the mixed results in deployment is a reflection of the quality of the original...
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    Should TrainFX be considered an acceptable PIS solution?

    The Axion system fitted to SWT stock at refurb was very reliable. The ‘bug’ resulting in the gaps in the long messages is a product of lack of memory. The inbuilt systems in Desiro units have no ability to add additional memory, whereas the retrofits to ex BR stock had some extra oomph fitted to...
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    IEP train door mechanism

    Because as evidenced by 395s, they extend dwell times and can be disconcerting to non-regular passengers, as the door doesn’t seem to open after repeatedly pressing the open button. Plus as mentioned the 22x family seem to have found a perfectly reliable solution, so I’d suggest the potential...
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    Class 350/1 refurbishment

    It’s on the 0534 Euston to Liverpool this morning if anyone needs it. Second time on it. Thoughts the same - poor quality of finish overall, fabric covers are loose and not flush to the cushion. The remaining dark blue panelling jars somewhat. And the half arsed removal of the Guards office is...
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    New trains for East Midlands Franchise

    You can say it all you like. That’s the plan though!