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  1. childwallblues

    Merseyrail Class 777

    The loco should have been 66715.
  2. childwallblues

    Northern Class 331: Construction/Introduction Updates

    331004 is now at Allerton and was in service between Crewe and Manchester yesterday afternoon. Information from a driver friend.
  3. childwallblues

    Merseyrail Class 777

    What is happening with the old washer plant at Birkenhead North?
  4. childwallblues

    Northern Class 331: Construction/Introduction Updates

    331029 was noted by Ray Anslow on test at Bolton-ie-Sands today.
  5. childwallblues

    TPE Class 397 ('Nova 2') construction and updates

    There are pictures on another website of 57301 dragging set TP02.
  6. childwallblues

    Freightliner Class 90 and Class 86

    90001/2 have been moved to Crewe HS, 90003-13/15 are in store at Norwich Crown Point whilst 90014 is at Crewe IEMD undergoing a heavy overhaul.
  7. childwallblues

    Class 317 withdrawals

    They started off on BedPan services replacing hydraulic DMUs before being replaced themseives by dual voltage 319s. Next stop was to Bletchley for LM servi ces from Euston to Birmingham New Street. Being replaced this time by Dusty Bin 321s they all finally congregated at Hornsey and Ilford. A...
  8. childwallblues

    GA Class 90 Mark 3 Sets Withdrawal

    90001 and 90002 are returning to the town of their birth with 90003-15 to follow. Perhaps LSL may consider bringing football specials back to electifried lines.
  9. childwallblues

    Porterbrook Cl.769 'Flex' trains from 319s, initially for Northern

    769431 has now arrived at Allerton Depot being towed by 37800/47813.
  10. childwallblues

    Northern Class 331: Construction/Introduction Updates

    If the rumours of all four car sets going to Neville Hill comes off all the three car sets will be at Allerton and no six car sets will be running in Yorkshire.
  11. childwallblues

    European class 66

    None have been reported recently.
  12. childwallblues

    European class 66

    Going back about 10 years there were quite a number of ex British Class 66 visiting the UK for various reasons mainly to get to Toton for repairs. However others returned for the Sandite season. Two (66217 I think was one of them) even appeared at at EMD Longport. When they transferred on masse...
  13. childwallblues

    Aviation Discussion

    Easyjet moved 8 aircraft from Belfast and one from Prestwick to Liverpool for storage last night.
  14. childwallblues

    Gbrf class 50 true identity enquiry

    When ATW used 50031/49 on hire for the Cardiff to Fishguard service many years ago we travelled on the service to Fishguard. The loco was 50031 but when we got to Fishguard we were surprised to note that it was numbered 50019 on the other side.
  15. childwallblues

    Northern Class 331: Construction/Introduction Updates

    57310 and 57305 took 331111 from Allerton to Skipton today. It is reported that all six 331/1 (331102/03/05/07/11/12) are being transferred east. I assume that they will be replaced on the west side by pairs of 331/0?
  16. childwallblues

    Merseyrail Class 777

    I have read that the training runs will be on the Kirkby route.
  17. childwallblues

    Bus routes that have been lost following the demise of an operator

    That is true but it was nice to have single deckers for those of us that cannot get upstairs.
  18. childwallblues

    Bus routes that have been lost following the demise of an operator

    Halton Transport closed down last week. Route 14 Runcorn to Liverpool was closed down between Hough green and Liverpool.
  19. childwallblues

    Northern Class 195: Construction/Introduction Updates

    The nearest wires to Buxton are at Hazel Grove which is about 16 miles away. Why do Buxton drivers need to sign 331s?