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  1. Am Broc

    Railway blog in Scottish Gaelic - Bloga rèile ann an Gàidhlig na h-Alba

    Just a note to say that if there are any Gaelic speakers or learners on here that I have a railway blog - Trèanaichean, tramaichean is tràilidhean (trains, trams and trolleys): If you don't speak Gaelic, there are still some pretty pictures - or you can check...
  2. Am Broc

    Glasgow Airport Metro system gets council leader approval

    Are there any specific papers or details on the Paisley-Airport tram proposal? I’ve done a bit of Googling but I can’t find much. I hope this goes ahead. The distance between Paisley Gilmour Street and the airport is only just over a mile so it doesn’t seem very viable unless it’s expanded...
  3. Am Broc


    Hi all, I’ve just joined up. Hello everybody! Name: Alasdair Age: 45 Lives: Glasgow Job: Translator Transport Interests: railways, trams, trolleybuses Neatest station: An Dùn Breac/Dumbreck (DUM) Other interests: music - metal, prog and punk; travel (my ambition is to visit Ascension...
  4. Am Broc

    Are 'No Sunday Services' acceptable nowadays?

    I wonder if the new driverless trains will enable better opening hours on Sundays - and better off-peak service frequencies?