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    Network Rail Recommends 80% of the network should be electrified by 2050

    Even with clean electricity it comes down to the old argument again. Public transport is so much more efficient. A fully loaded diesel passenger train will always be greener than the equivalent amount of people travelling by car. I'm no huge expert but it seems to me as though the same problem...
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    "Nice" and "Not so nice" units working in multiple

    When I was younger and they used to run on Southern it was a similar story. If there was a 455 and a 456 I would choose the 456. I was much shorter back in year 7 so seat pitch and legroom mattered less, and the 456s had softer seats. Plus at the extreme end either side on a 456 there was a...
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    Trivia - Largest town to have NEVER had a railway service?

    I did put 'never' in capitals for a reason ;)
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    Trivia - Largest town to have NEVER had a railway service?

    Canvey Island is a strong contender, although it has a population much smaller than that of Waterlooville. I would be inclined to say that West Bridgford is for all intents and purposes a suburb of Nottingham, so I'm not entirely sure on that one.
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    Trivia - Largest town to have NEVER had a railway service?

    This might need moving, since I suppose it's not technically to do with any railway that has existed. Thanks to Beeching there are several decent-sized towns (Gosport, Cirencester, Ripon etc.) that no longer have a connection to the network. But I have been wondering what towns are there that...
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    People Mis-Naming Railway Station/Companies - Habit?

    I lived in south london for a while and most people seem to just slur it into one and say "tuls'ill"
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    People Mis-Naming Railway Station/Companies - Habit?

    I am just a geek, but I really hate it when Southern gets called 'Southern Rail' by comedians on panel shows who think they're funny.
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    Class 701 'Aventra' trains for South Western Railway

    Definitely for the best I suppose. I don't think the 701 delivery is too much of a big deal at this stage. Even if everything was to instantly get back to normal tomorrow, there's no reason why the current fleet couldn't hold on for another year to see these trains properly tested and introduced.
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    Speed of trains between stations

    Wasn't really sure where to put this, although it is something less technical and more to do with passenger experience I suppose? For me, the speed at which trains travel can have a big effect on my satisfaction with the journey being taken. One example would be the TfL Rail/GWR suburban...
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    Unelectrified transfer lines in London (Private Eye)

    One of my university professors actually wrote a few private eye articles under the name quite a few years back.
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    Impact of Covid-19 on the TfW 769 project

    I would imagine just 2 people together in a cab, particularly if they were wearing face masks etc, would be one of the first things that you would be allowed to do, as it presents a far smaller risk than many other social activities would. So I would not be surprised if unit testing and driver...
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    If BA leaves Gatwick, could this be the end of GTR's 'Gatwick Express' route?

    I don't think there will be a permanent decline per se. However, even without the coronavirus outbreak, a very strong argument could be made for getting rid of the dedicated service.
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    Your experiences of unbelievable rolling stock diagram allocations (past and present)

    508's running the semi-fast London to Tonbridge seems ridiculous looking back, especially considering the far more comfortable 455s and 465s would be working stopping services that would never get up to the fast speeds the Tonbridge train was meant to achieve. Going from Southampton to Bristol...
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    Lockdown future of Greater Anglia.

    Potentially the Stansted Express could be sacrificed whilst 379s cover for 317s/delayed 720s in the short term. Am I right in thinking the 321's *must* go by December? Are there legacy trains that could stay on for longer?
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    Are Portsmouth & Guildford cities?

    Portsmouth is a city, Guildford is not yet a city (but I suspect it's only a matter of time before it gets city status).
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    Class 442s - storage, refurbishment and redeployment

    Why does it not, in your opinion, qualify for intercity?
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    Have Southerns 171s ever called at Clapham Junction?

    Mainline services from London Bridge don't go anywhere near Clapham Junction, only the long suburban loop up to Victoria.
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    Battery Powered Electrostars for Southern

    Not sure how relevant this is, but turbostars can do 100mph, 158s only 90. Now on Southern this wouldn't matter because I believe the 171's only get up to about 85-90, however on XC I would imagine the 170s regularly reach 100mph, so 158s would maybe give quite a reduction in journey times? I...
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    Class 745 Stadler FLIRTs (Intercity Trains)

    They look really nice actually. The seats don't look exactly luxurious but are a step up from ironing boards at least and space seems to be decent. I was a bit apprehensive about the layout of the whole train, but the partitioning doors between seats and vestibules are certainly very welcome and...
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    Next Labour Leader - Confirmed as Keir Starmer

    Initially I was against Starmer but him and Phillips are top 2 for me. He did advocate for Labour to become a remain party, and, if listened to, would've cost us even more seats, but in the end he presents himself as a statesman and a leader, if a little bland at times, but what we need is...