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    When this is all over....

    I'm looking forward to getting back to church as well. My church is between 2 and 3 minutes' walking time from my house, which is great. What's not so great is I have to drive past it every time I go to & from work, which is rather frustrating at the moment! There's plenty of material being put...
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    I'll certainly try to remember that when I do get around to booking flights. I actually started looking at flights a few minutes ago now easyJet have released their winter schedule, though I'm not booking anything yet until I know what's going on and I've sorted one or two things out with work.
  3. J

    London Underground Map - In Welsh

    Wait, there are three versions of Cornish? I've got plenty of Cornish relatives, and spent fourteen years growing up in Cornwall, but that's genuinely the first I've heard about different versions of the Cornish language!
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    I was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome in December 2003 when I was 11 (I'm now 27). Changes to routine can be tricky for me to cope with, especially right now with Coronavirus changing everything almost daily. In terms of travelling on trains, I'm not usually too bothered about how busy they...
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    One week in, how's it for you?

    I've basically got no social life at the moment, but thank goodness for things like social media to help keep me sane. I work in a petrol station, and perhaps unsurprisingly, that's currently pretty quiet.
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    When this is all over....

    I might've come up with a list. It's at least keeping me positive for now! :P 1) Having a blowout on fast food. 2) Getting a haircut - I just don't trust myself with the clippers. 3) Having a wardrobe refresh, depending on finances. 4) Get back to the gym and carry on with my weight loss. I'm...
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    Northern Station Improvements & New Ticket Machines

    Congleton's passenger information display screens are now displaying 'Welcome to Congleton Station' on both platforms. Don't think they've been in for much more than a year and they're already next to useless.
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    What made you smile today?

    I've somehow got three weeks off work.
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    How would you Rate your Local Station?

    My Local: Congleton Setting: 1 mile south-south-east of the town centre. Buses operate between the station and the town centre at about 2 per hour. It's walkable, but going to the station from the town centre does involve a fairly long hill almost the entire way. 4/10 Architecture: What...
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    Now Playing....

    Luca Hänni - She Got Me
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    I've been a member on here for about three years now, but only started posting a couple of weeks ago, so I guess it's time to introduce myself. I'm Jonathan, I'm 26, and I live in Congleton. I've also lived in Cornwall and Gloucestershire, and spent the first nine months of my life in...
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    How much of the Underground map have YOU covered (continued)?

    I've managed to do the whole network in one day in November last year - it was my birthday as well, so that made for a rather interesting day! Having said that, there are some bits of track I haven't done: Watford West Curve Liverpool Street to Aldgate East (H&C) West Brompton to High Street...
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    What London Underground line do you least like?

    Has to be the Piccadilly line for me, especially when trying to get on anything heading from Acton Town towards Uxbridge. It just feels as though that section of line is often forgotten about when it comes to service frequencies. I have friends who live in Ickenham, and it's such a pain getting...
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    So, erm, who are you? ;)

    So, erm, who are you? ;)