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  1. jnjkerbin

    RealTimeTrains website

    Allocations and train lengths are now showing for Scotrail services.
  2. jnjkerbin

    Possible lineside fire New Cross Thur 5th March

    I was on the 1716 from Cannon Street. We came to a stop having left London Bridge, with the driver advising of another driver having reported an explosion near St Johns. Got on the move after about 15 minutes and crawled all the way to St Johns, where a 375 was sat on the Up Fast with only...
  3. jnjkerbin

    Southeastern Class 377 to Charing Cross

    I agree. The one I caught yesterday was looking very tired indeed. There wasn't a single seat that didn't have some sort of marks on it and all were rather faded and threadbare. A huge difference from Southeastern's 375s which are mostly in very good nick.
  4. jnjkerbin

    Southeastern Class 377 to Charing Cross

    Thanks for that Kite; those were indeed 377s today (though unfortunately not ones I required :D).
  5. jnjkerbin

    Southeastern Class 377 to Charing Cross

    I know that there's one morning class 377 working into Charing Cross: 2W96 0743 Ashford International - Charing Cross 1R92 0922 Charing Cross - Ashford International Does anyone know if there are any evening peak workings in/out of Charing Cross?
  6. jnjkerbin

    Shapes on my Ticket

    I believe the circle corresponds to a railcard discounted ticket and the diamond to a child rate fare - just a way to make it more conspicuous to staff checking tickets.
  7. jnjkerbin

    The Merseyrail Underground & Overground Explorer

    There's a good explainer here.
  8. jnjkerbin

    Steam Dreams Stratford 15 Dec 2019

    Looks like its now heading through Ealing Broadway heading for Reading that way - not sure the reason though.
  9. jnjkerbin

    Cannon Street Disruption 25/11

    You must have been on the train in front of me. We drew up to the signal right at the start of platform 2 and then sat there for 25 minutes while you carried out your maneuver!
  10. jnjkerbin

    Cannon Street Disruption 25/11

    Fairly bad disruption this morning at Cannon Street with reports of a train that failed on the approach to the station due to disruptive passengers. Varying reports on Twitter (so a heavy shovelful of salt is necessary) of a passenger breaking into a train cab and a train horn getting stuck...
  11. jnjkerbin

    Trains from St Mary Cray Junction to Chislehurst

    Sorry to hear that - I hope your wife is feeling better soon. With regards to the track, it looks like the next date it's being used is Sunday 9th February when Chatham Main Line (Victoria - Rochester and beyond) services are being diverted between St Mary Cray and Victoria to run via...
  12. jnjkerbin

    What more can be done for passengers needing assistance?

    It seems bizarre that we still can't get this right. Traveling on a DOO service today, a wheelchair user was put on, presumably by station staff at the origin station. No staff waiting for them at their (unstaffed) stop and driver didn't know they were wanting to get off. Resulted in a Passcom...
  13. jnjkerbin

    Mountain treks near train stations

    That's a lovely walk with a good view - I seem to remember there's one path up that's really steep - almost needed to to crawl up it! But I think there was also a slightly more circuitous path that was a little less steeply graded!
  14. jnjkerbin

    TOPS Requests (including headcodes, allocations, traction, etc) [Instructions in Post 2]

    Would anyone be able to check what was on today's (23/10) 1H04 1643 London Charing Cross to Hastings? Thanks
  15. jnjkerbin

    Trains from St Mary Cray Junction to Chislehurst

    All 3 are shown on Real Time Trains with the line code CL after St Mary Cray Jn rather than RVL which indicates they are all booked via the Up Loop, so unless something happens on the day, they are as good a bet as any.
  16. jnjkerbin

    Are Class 376 diagrams on specific SE Metro routes?

    I don't believe they work any of the Charing X/Cannon St - Sevenoaks services either.
  17. jnjkerbin

    Chatham Main Line door Operation

    St Mary Cray (sometimes?) has platform staff but doesn't involve the train guard. The Sevenoaks services that stop there are DOO in any case.
  18. jnjkerbin

    TOPS Requests (including headcodes, allocations, traction, etc) [Instructions in Post 2]

    Could someone please check what was on today's (13/8) 1H26 1015 Charing Cross - Hastings? Thank you in advance
  19. jnjkerbin

    Footpath crossings - rights of way.

    You can try It's taken from ROW data released by councils. That appears to show no ROW at that location.