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    Slower route not permitted, even when trains run on it much earlier/later than the fastest route

    Worksop to Nottingham used to have a similar issue in that there never used to be a ticket valid via Sheffield on a Sunday, there is now a 'via Mansfield' and 'any permitted' routing available, in addition to the previous 'via Lincoln' and 'via Grantham' routings. Similar issues also existed...
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    Advance tickets on cancelled EMR train. Journey now impossible without using other operators.

    Correct, there's a lot of behind the scenes info which is being sent out at multiple TOCs whose messages I have access to, and none of it is being publicised for very good reasons.
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    Advance tickets on cancelled EMR train. Journey now impossible without using other operators.

    Your ticket will be accepted by other operators, this arrangement has been in place for the entire lock down to cover for eventualities such as this.
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    Delay Repay Crowd Control/Limited Capacity

    A) That is your personal choice, so I would imagine most TOCs would decline delay repay. B) You would be entitled to delay repay in this case as an authorised person would have declined you travel on safety grounds. C) If the service is advertised and sold as reservation compulsory at the...
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    Rail services to be increased on May 18th

    Most conductors will be in the rear cab which is where they have been advised (read instructed) to stay. You'll find very few interested in having an argument over where somebody may or may not sit. Aside from security checks, smiling and saying "How do you do." I've been a glorified passenger...
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    Occasions where TOCs and FOCS regularly cover others work

    There's a fairly interesting story behind that, to do with the 159s going to NSE instead of bolstering the Regional Railways fleet. In the end it all came down to money on the balance sheet and the cheapest way of achieving a new set of trains for Waterloo to Exeter was to add three 16x onto the...
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    EMR Class 170's

    That would be Nottingham and a single link at Derby. Lincoln and Norwich drivers don't go West of Trent or North of Nottingham. Boston men stay to the East of Nottingham. It may have changed to go onto the Crewe line first now, as you only need to train all Derby guards, one link of Derby...
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    TGV Sensation of Speed At 320 km/h

    I've made that journey once before having turned my nose up as the 1st class provision of the Intercities eco service to Paris from Toulouse (couchettes with no bedding!). The sensation of speed is nice but my word the trains get very boring very quickly, especially as the lines themselves get...
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    Signed Routes (Northern Conductors)

    It just keeps things simple.
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    Signed Routes (Northern Conductors)

    Here's an example of two links. I've redacted some of the information as it isn't relevant here. Both are 48 lines, and both now cover all of the same routes however up until 2016 there were separate routes that each link had work on. For example Link 2 at Nottingham worked to Crewe, but did not...
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    Does the 2048 Lincoln - Boston call at Hubberts Bridge?

    Probably a hangover of the AB days when the Blankney man wanted to get to bed?
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    GC loading gauge

    There was no "continental loading gauge" at the time the London Extension of the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway was constructed.
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    GC loading gauge

    It was built to the standard MSLR loading gauge. Search for the MSLR railway drawing type 27 which will show the loading gauge.
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    GC loading gauge

    It was built to a more generous than standard UK loading gauge but was NOT built to a continental loading gauge. This is a common myth with no basis in reality and is constantly and incessantly perpetuated by authors who don't study their case material properly and regurgitate others findings.
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    Trivia: Elongated/Indirect Services

    In the December 2020 timetable there will be some Leicester to Peterborough via Nottingham and Lincoln Central services. That's a pretty hefty detour!
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    EMR Class 170's

    I'm pretty sure we've still got a driver and mentee in the cab of 15x, you're practically 2 metres apart on the driver and secondmans side desks.
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    EMR Class 170's

    All Senior Conductor depots with the exception of Boston have work over the Robin Hood Line, only Nottingham drivers sign it however. It is a core route and everybody signs it, including all of the Senior Conductor side "flexible working" links.
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    PRIV discount holders need to queue (even if the queue is lengthy) in order to obtain 75% discount

    I always understood that to apply only when using boxes or a pass, not when you've purchased a ticket even a Q-rate.
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    Alliance Blackpool service to be run by Grand Central and start in 2021

    Except where you've just learned them, in which case you must work over the route or traction within 28 days. Also depending upon the TOC you either manage your own route/traction knowledge or its managed for you. For example for me I manage my own route knowledge so there are a small number of...
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    EMR amended timetable

    Because they aren't needed and it's easier for crews to work on a 222 as they can remain isolated in the kitchen.