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    T Key Locks

    In my experience* an ABS key, inserted at 45° to the lock, is about the right size and has enough strength to open the lock. Definitely won't work on the newer ones with a centre pin though! * the limit of my experience being a need to fold out the baby changing table on a HST
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    West Coast Main Line closed near Wembley (06/04)

    Because typically delays when travelling with work have an impact on my personal time. Work pay for me to travel to do a job, I consider the Delay Repay compensation for *my* time wasted, time I don't get paid for.
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    LU announcements regarding 'regulating the service'

    If there had been earlier disruption, I think a lot of that will be necessitated to recover the service. Curiously enough, I once planned an afternoon out on the Met, from Aldgate to the ends of all but the Uxbridge branches, using the WTT. Every single train arrived/departed within a couple...
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    Difference between restriction text and JPs

    Brilliant, many thanks. The restriction text itself is a straightforward "Not valid on trains timed to depart" London Terminal after X until Y - and there is nothing else specific which otherwise applies. I am confident I can comply with what the text quite literally says. I'll make sure I've...
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    Difference between restriction text and JPs

    Hi all, I shan't go into explicit details here, unless a mod states it's OK - just in case this is a "loophole"... (but can answer on PM) I am looking to book a weekday off-peak return ticket to a London Terminal. No issues outbound. On the return journey, the restriction text states two...
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    Old school stations from a Virgin Conductor

    Re: bus timetables - it appears inconsistent at best! Hadn't noticed it before (although it's going to annoy me now), but this year's unibus timetable leaflet refers variously to: Railway Station (on service 4) High Street Station (on service 10) Rail Station (on service 14) Service 4 uses a...
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    RailUK Forums Ticket Gallery Project

    Not entirely, but did buy it for a trip there. One guard was astounded that I bought it, the other oddly didn't seem phased! :lol:
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    RailUK Forums Ticket Gallery Project

    I'm sure this is up there as one of the most pointless 7 Day Season tickets you can buy. Possibly more so considering the dates on it.
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    Funny bug with GWR wifi

    Certainly as of the last time I travelled (couple of months ago) it required you to click to agree, but it did seem to go through a period of just saying "connected" for me. I have bigger issues with GWR Wifi though, not least that sometimes you can connect but DHCP doesn't respond (so you...
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    Flying Scotsman @ KGX?

    That was changed manually by Tom, according to his Twitter feed - seemingly at the request of Geoff Marshall / geofftech.
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    Flying Scotsman @ KGX?

    That's some horrid interlacing on the full 1080 version :( Don't know if it's the source or Google playing with it, but the 720 manages to look nicer.
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    Do ATW run any services through Bristol?

    ATW don't have any of their own services going that way, but their Cardiff Canton based Drivers (can't speak for the Guards) do operate a number of services on FGW's behalf to Bristol TM, Bristol Parkway and Westbury. As of the May 2015 timetable (don't have December's to hand): Diagram CF340...
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    Hiya, Sorry - I didn't see the public message! Unfortunately I don't have the series saved any...

    Hiya, Sorry - I didn't see the public message! Unfortunately I don't have the series saved any more. As I recall I didn't archive the series, just provided a link to my PVR - which has long expired the recordings. Doesn't look like it's being repeated any time soon either. Sorry chap!
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    Booking Tickets on a Business Account

    I'm not sure about competitors or what, if anything, the TOCs offer, but my organisation uses Trainline Business. It has the advantage that they're able to give regularly-travelling staff their own web accounts for booking their own tickets on the company account (though I get the impression...
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    Toton - where to view?

    Suppose I should note, if you're not driving (or for anyone else's benefit!), it's not too difficult to get to this area from the new Toton Lane NET tram stop. Another lovely footpath.
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    Toton - where to view?

    As a native of this area... (and grandparents who live around the corner from here) I'm not sure you can get that close to the depot, but if you head to the town of Toton itself, you can get some nice hilltop views over the depot. If you're wanting to photograph from there you might want to...
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    European Vehicle Numbering and National Vehicle Registry UK compliance with EU rules?

    It appears that the UK implementation of this directive (which appears to be in GM/RT2453 - PDF) permits any stock which is not intended for use in international service to only display the TOPS number. Relevant clauses are A.1.2 for locos and A.2.4 for multiple-unit vehicles. Section A.3 (for...
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    Phone number for National Rail Enquiries

    For 25p/call (network operator dependent), which if you have bundled minutes, makes it more expensive than just calling the 03 number.
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    What's the plan? Reworked Birmingham New Street

    Funnily enough, I had a 55 minute connection to make through New Street recently. The weather was nice, and decided to have a wander outside. There's not much seating outside the station either, but I did find a moderately-comfy grit bin in a small triangle of land in an area which appears to...
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    Tracking historic train running performance

    You might find Recent Train Times of some use, although I'm not sure it's entirely what you're after. A lot of playing with options might be able to show you the worst days over the past few months for trains between two points.