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  1. Bungle158

    By train to kefalonia

    Sorry for my confusion ref the Patras bus station. Entirely down to my misreading relevant posts. I never heard of a railway in Igoumenitsa and l lived and worked in Corfu and Athens for many years. Surprisingly, there is a railway of sorts on Corfu, over at Ermones on the west coast...
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    By train to kefalonia

    I hadn't realised the Patras bus station had moved, thanks for the correction. With regard to Prevezza Lefkada services, they appear to be quite frequent, The issue, as you point out, is reaching Prevezza from Igoumenitsa. Prevezza KTEL appear to...
  3. Bungle158

    By train to kefalonia
  4. Bungle158

    By train to kefalonia

    I lived and worked in Greece for several years and have travelled there overland many times. I consider it far easier to travel via Italy and the Adriatic. In my early days, the route of choice was via Brindisi, some train services even ran to the port station. In the 1990s, passenger...
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    Statute barred penalty fare?

    Not sure if it applies to alleged cases of this nature, but with regard to some unsecured debts, including credit cards and loans, a 2019 Court of Appeal ruling dictates that the 6 year "clock" starts running from the expiry day of the default notice and not from the date of the creditor's...
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    Trivia: Which major town has the least direct route from London?

    The London Bridge route to Reading (via Redhill) which saw services until 1965 would have been a contender
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    Now Reading...

    Darn! I imagined this thread to be about a compilation album featuring bands from a town in Berkshire
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    Trivia - Largest town to have NEVER had a railway service?

    Absolutely! I was being slightly mischevious in mentioning Woodley, although Earley station is on its extreme southern boundary and can't really be said to serve the whole town. However, Reading Buses provide a comprehensive link with Reading Station.
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    Your first experience of foreign train travel

    ISAP is a Greek acronym for the Electric Railway of Athens to Piraeus. Older locals still call it the Elektriki. I ran a backpackers in Athens during the early 1980s and used it daily. Back then, some wooden bodied coaches still survived, very distinctive with porthole style round cab...
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    Trivia - Largest town to have NEVER had a railway service?

    Woodley a suburb of Reading, which however lies in the neighbouring borough of Wokingham, apparently has town status and a population of over 35000. On some maps, the platforms at nearby Earley station appear to just squeak in to the town area, but the station approach road does not.
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    End of the station's word!

  12. Bungle158

    End of the station's word!

    Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus
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    Your longest time spent on a bus or coach?

    Magic Bus, Amsterdam to Athens, 3 days, one of which spent stuck in snowdrifts in what is now North Macedonia
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    The Torbay Express 1965

    My first ride behind a diesel loco was on the up Torbay Express from Paignton. It was July 1960, the loco, a then pristine Warship, D800 Sir Brian Robertson
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    Magistrates Court Fines and ACRO (Criminal Record checks)

    No problem for a UK citizen entering the UK border in these circumstances. However, your name MAY flag up at immigration. That in turn MAY lead to a chat with the police.
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    Public transport to Southampton

    Hi, I am being airlifted from Goa to the UK in a few days. (Thanks Biggles Raab). I have had Covid in Malaysia weeks ago, so I am clean(ish) On arrival, what sort of public transport can I expect? I need to get to Southampton. Was planning National Express or a bus to Woking or even Reading...
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    Holiday Luggage When Flying on Holiday

    On extended trips, 7 Kg in an Osprey Farpoint backpack. Fits all airline sizers, inside max weight limit for cabin bags on 99% of airlines where I live in Asia. I never have to queue in baggage reclaim. I also cheat by toting a Sony RX100 camera in my pocket and carrying on my tablet in my...
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    What is your earliest memory of travelling on a train?

    In 1955 at age 3, l waited excitedly on the up platform at Wokingham station. Across the line, the hiss of an arriving, air braked HAL or BIL unnerved me, but that was nothing compared to the monster of a Q1, deputising on a Guildford service, which erupted into the station and scared me...
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    Used my sisters expired railcard ...

    Some very fine advice has been given above. I would add that IF this does come to court, be absolutely frank and hold your hands up. Perjury is triable on indictment only, which means a day out at Crown Court. Maximum sentence of 7 years. Not for one moment would l expect you to cop for...
  20. Bungle158

    Strangest Places you have come across trains

    This beast at Talana museum, near Dundee in Natal. NBC built for local colliery lines. The coach is used for conferences, but nary a rail connection to be seen.