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  1. AJM580

    Disused lines with cycle paths

    In Norfolk you can follow the old Norwich City Branch of the M & GN from Norwich all the way to Reepham and Aylsham. (Marriotts Way). There's also a cycle path that parallels the Bure Valley Railway from Aylsham to Wroxham.
  2. AJM580

    Trivia: Railway Journeys that Require 4 or More Changes

    Any journey from stations on the local branches in Norfolk to Stourbridge Town require 4 changes, for example Salhouse - Stourbridge Town, change at Norwich, Peterborough, Birmingham New Street - walk to Birmingham Snow Hill and last change at Stourbridge Jn.
  3. AJM580

    Your all-time favourite bus trip (and why?). Reports welcome

    Routemaster on route 11 Victoria - Liverpool Street via the tourist route For scenery had to be the trip from Windermere - Buttermere with a break for fish and chips in Keswick between buses, then over Honister Pass to Buttermere covering the last two legs of an all day journey from Norwich...
  4. AJM580

    Unexpected trains as substitute traction.

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but in the summer of 1990, I had a pair of 20s top and tailing 4 coaches between Matlock and Derby vice the usual DMU
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    Station Suffixes

    Yarmouth (Vauxhall) Yarmouth (Southtown)
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    TRIVIA: Services that operated in BR days (Post-Beeching) that no longer run now!

    Liverpool Street - Great Yarmouth Liverpool Street - Lowestoft Liverpool Street - Peterborough Yarmouth South Town - Lowestoft (closed 1970)
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    Your all-time favourite trip (and why?). Reports welcome.

    There were several to choose from, but in the end I decided to plump for the 23 Jan 1999 and a run with D9000 Royal Scots Grey. Although RSG had been a regular on the mainline since 1997 and had some great runs off her, this was my own personal favourite. I'd booked a table for 4 as a mate from...
  8. AJM580

    Uncomfortable trains of old

    Always remember a ride from Cambridge to Peterborough one Sunday on a Cravens - it felt as if the unit had square wheels as we lurched over every rail-joint and set of points. The saving grace of this was a trip to the NVR for Deltic 9000. Come to think of it, some of the NVRs continental stock...
  9. AJM580

    TRIVIA: Buses named after food and drink

    The Orange Line also runs in Norwich (routes 21/22) run by First Bus. Double-Deckers are often seen on this
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    Trivia: Most impressing stretch of line on the network?

    Craigendoran - Fort William & Mallaig
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    Coronavirus virus effect on Heritage lines Summer 2020

    The North Norfolk Railway have postponed their Steam Gala 27-29 March - more details on their website
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    Weird Happenings During Railtours

    Great find, checking my old 35mm photos, and I reckon I'm one of those heads out of the windows!!
  13. AJM580

    Weird Happenings During Railtours

    Nenta Traintours trip to Kyle of Lochalsh. 1991, 47806 failed on the Highland Mainline and was rescued by 47593 hauling the 16 coach Highland sleeper. The entire 28 coach train was pushed/pulled by 47593 to Dalwhinnie where 47604 took over to Inverness
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    2020 New haulages

    22/02/20 317884 755326 755331 755336 755337 755412 755424
  15. AJM580

    2020 New haulages

    Monday 27/1/20 317652 321304 379006 379025 745007 755333 755404 755407 755421
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    Abellio Greater Anglia Class 755s (Regional Trains)

    In contrast to all the doom and gloom above I had a day with the 755s yesterday and as with all the journeys I've had the performance was excellent. On electric power between Ipswich and Stowmarket the acceleration is incredible 0-60 in 33 seconds and 100 mph within a couple of minutes. On...
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    Back in the day...

    Quite, i presume that I jumped on the first train north, rather than wait for whatever it produced. Caught up with it eventually though as I had it as 37604 at the KVWR gala in 1999
  18. AJM580

    Back in the day...

    I wonder how many forum members were at Doncaster that day in July. I made it via 31143 out of Norwich, then a wedged HST north. Saw the 58s being built, and debated which ones to count as complete. Headed home on a quieter HST then 31250/416 back across the fens. Just one of many good open days...
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    Heritage attraction shops - donations

    It would be worth contacting your local steam railway, as most funds raised by the sale would go to a restoration project on said railway. I would use social media to find your local preservation group, then go from there.
  20. AJM580

    Anyone know of people who have not left their City?

    On Mums side of the family - her parents and grandparents were born and bred in Norwich, but of my sister and I, she was actually born inside the city boundary and I was born just outside the official city boundary, although if any one asks I was born in Norwich. Dad was a foreigner as he was...