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  1. DanTrain

    Worst Level Crossings for Traffic

    I was at Wool station earlier on the Weymouth line and the level crossing there seems to be causing traffic chaos. It’s placed on a major A-road and at a junction and it’s next to the station so has to wait for trains slowing down (and stopping and dispatching towards Weymouth). This can take...
  2. DanTrain

    Bike reservation unsuccessful

    Hi, I’ve got a slightly complicated situation that I’m not quite sure how to resolve. So I’ve used Train splitter to book tickets from Dore & Totley to Wareham at the beginning of July. I need to take a bike so I then went round no fewer than 4 companies to check their policies and made 4...
  3. DanTrain

    Bikes on trains

    Hi, I'm looking at taking a bike from Sheffield down to Wareham in early July. I've looked at the bike policy for the relevant TOCs and XC seems fine in that you book a space, but SWR seem to have a 1st come 1st serve policy. This is hardly ideal on an advance ticket, is this ever a problem on...
  4. DanTrain

    Cross-Glasgow Journeys charged at a premium?

    Hi, Is there a reason why journeys across Glasgow are so ridiculously expensive when booked direct. For example, a Fort William to Carlisle advance for 1 adult costs £89 (unless you stay overnight in Glasgow, in which case £19!). However, if you book Fort William to Glasgow then Glasgow to...
  5. DanTrain

    Incident at Rotherham Central 06/04

    Hi, just heard this from a friend who was on the 2C74 Hull to Sheffield Northern service. Apparently on arrival at Rotherham Central the platform was full of Notting Forest supporters who had just lost at Rotherham. The guard didn’t initially release the doors and the Forest supporters started...
  6. DanTrain

    [Trivia] Lines with the MOST fare evasion

    Following on from the least fare evasion thread, which lines have the most fare evasion. I’ll nominate Sheffield to Meadowhall as a good start, no barriers, very rarely any ticket checks on the <10 min journey and if you are checked you can just buy one on board!
  7. DanTrain

    Midland Mainline Sunday Service

    Hi, Looking at trains to London from Sheffield, it would appear to be both quicker and cheaper on a Sunday to change at Doncaster than to take the direct service to London, calling at all shacks. Is there a reason why EMT run such a dire Sunday service compared to other InterCity operators...
  8. DanTrain

    Trivia: Steepest Gradient in a Station

    Following on from the curviest platforms, I was wondering what the steepest gradient in a station is. I think we'd better have two categories, one for National Rail Network and one for light rail/metro etc. I'd imagine some of the Scottish stations must be fairly high up on National Rail...
  9. DanTrain

    Effect of cancellations on those with a disability

    I found this excellent video by Doug Paulley on how one simple TPE cancellation affected the rest of his journey and day (pretty terribly too!), and it got me thinking about how this sort of thing can be avoided. Should TOCs have better systems to know when people have booked assistance and take...
  10. DanTrain

    Attitudes to walking on railway lines

    Sorry if this already has a thread somewhere, but I thought that, given a couple of recent incidents involving trespassing, to look at the different attitudes abroad. For example, in the US/Canada, it is seen to be fairly normal to walk on many railway tracks in rural areas, even using them as...
  11. DanTrain

    Northern 150s to Nottingham

    I’ve noticed a couple of times recently that Northern have been running 150s down to Nottingham, both as single units and one I saw today was leading a 158 (even odder as they normally run 2 car). Is there a reason for this, are they short of 158s at the moment, or is it just due to engineering...
  12. DanTrain

    Lost Tickets

    Hi, I bought two advance singles from Sheffield to Oxford for next week online, and they seem to have been misplaced sometime after we collected them from the station. What is the best thing to do now, can they be reprinted for a fee, or do I need to buy new tickets? Thanks in advance, Dan
  13. DanTrain

    Class 700 at Dollands Moor

    Hi, I was travelling on a Eurostar yesterday, and happened to notice a class 700 sitting in Dollands Moor along side 66s and 92s. Does anyone know why it was there, it seems a long way out the way, and I know TL are running to Ashford now, but why the need for one in Folkstone? Thanks, Dan
  14. DanTrain

    Trivia: Stations with unbalanced services

    I was looking at Realtime Trains, and discovered that Dore & Totley, fairly near me, has 27 trains a day eastbound and only 18 per day westbound in the new timetable - that's 50% more trains in one direction than the other. I was wondering if there were other stations around (before anyone says...
  15. DanTrain

    Ticket Price Increasing Whilst Booking

    Hi, sorry if this has been mentioned already. I have just booked tickets from Chesterfield to Exeter on XC, and whilst booking them, the ticket price increased by £20. Is this just because I started booking in National Rail/XC website and then switched to the Trainline or what. Either way, it's...
  16. DanTrain

    Trivia: Stations with the worst numbered platforms

    Following on from a thread about platfors trains never depart from, I noticed the platforms at Newcastle Central seemed to have no logic to their numbering. It's like they tried to go clockwise (as in Edinburgh Waverley) but failed with the through platforms (and one or two others too). What...
  17. DanTrain

    Class 397s - Why?

    So TPE are ordering new 397s for the Manchester - Scotland services. I don't quite understand why. There may be a completely obvious reason that I've missed, but as far as I can figure, the 350/4s seem perfectly capable (a couple short in number perhaps), and given their already brilliant...
  18. DanTrain

    XC Driver Turns

    How is the driving seperared on their long routes? For example, VTWC change crew at Preston and VTEC at Newcastle I think. They must change at Brum, but their Aberdeen - Penzance must require quite a few changes, where do these occur, or does it vary?
  19. DanTrain

    TRIVIA: Lines where Pacers run 'fast'?

    Seems a little bizarre, but it happens, interested to know where. By 'fast' I mean skipping several (more than 1) station at a time where other services stop. I'm going to start us off with Heysham port services run often by pacers that run fast Skipton to Leeds.
  20. DanTrain

    Which is the most important station in Britain?

    I'm just curious as to which station(s) people see as the most important, in a general term. Apologies for the lack of King's Cross, Doncaster, London Victoria ect, you're only allowed 10 options. Dan :)