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  1. Mills444

    Southern class 313 routes?

    Hello as 313s do as above as well as the Brighton to Lewes shuttle service however I am not sure if it is Brighton or Barnham that works those, in addition they also do the Hove to Brighton runs. I am assuming you are a new joiner to Barnham so well come and I hope you enjoy the 313's are quite...
  2. Mills444

    Application help

    Just to add to what the others have said above it might be a good idea to volunteer at a heritage railway in customer facing roles such as booking office or TTI role, this is because it will allow you to pick up a large amount of the transferable skills mentioned above and will give you plenty...
  3. Mills444

    SWR Network Tickets

    Don't forget that the FOSS rover can also act as a cheap way of getting to Cardiff which allows you to access the valley lines (on a separate ticket) if you have not done these yet. Here is a map of the area covered by the FOSS rover rg mentioned...
  4. Mills444

    Yeovil connections

    As far as Im aware the bus does not operate anymore as I have looked for different days and on the ex operators website South West Coaches and I can see no mention of it.
  5. Mills444

    Avanti West Coast and HS2.

    Services on High Speed 2 are included within the West Coast Partnership franchise, which was awarded to Avanti West Coast—a joint venture between FirstGroup and Trenitalia—when the franchise commenced in December 2019. Avanti West Coast will be responsible for running all aspects of the service...
  6. Mills444

    Aviation Discussion

    Not that i'm aware of no.
  7. Mills444

    The future of train driving

    Why not? bar the political and environmental issues.
  8. Mills444

    Crossing Keeper Job Loss

    And a class one for preforming commercial flights.
  9. Mills444

    ash39's Trip Reports & Photos

    "There were TV crews from Channel 5 on board. Not sure what content they were filming but the guard warned anyone who was skiving from work to make sure they didn't get in any footage." :lol: Wonder if they were showing people the magical new Northern. Sounds like a much busier January then...
  10. Mills444

    Guess the Train...

    class 155
  11. Mills444

    Standees on heritage railways

    photo charter 30120 with P set
  12. Mills444

    Guess the Train...

    class 15o
  13. Mills444

    Guess the Train...

    Class 66
  14. Mills444

    2020 New haulages

    19/02/2020 National rail 377 132 377 458 2408 2423 Tramlink 2538 2539 2541 2543 2546 2548 2549 2553 2556 2557 2560 2564
  15. Mills444

    2020 New track coverage

    19/02 The whole tram network Croydon loop Mitcham Junction to East Croydon East Croydon to Wandle park ECR-Elmers end, New Addington and Beckenham Jcn.
  16. Mills444

    Delay due to signalling problems between Barrhead and Dunlop

    Because they are generally reliable and there is likely no business case for upgrading them.
  17. Mills444

    Route/Track bashing in the dark can you really tick it off?

    Good afternoon all I have a nice question for you all. For those of us that score routes do you count it if it as done in darkness (and as such you could not actually see the route) or only if done in day light? For example say if you covered Tramlink from Wimbledon to East Croydon yet from...
  18. Mills444

    2020 New haulages

    01/02/2020 All the trams 2532 2533 2536 2542 2545 2552 2554 2559 In just over a hour, plus some trains that I cant remember.
  19. Mills444

    Bassenthwaite Lake Station

    Too right, is it still accessible as a walkway?
  20. Mills444

    Contra-Peak Flows out of London

    Yes they do.