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    When will Scotland return to some sort of normal?

    Quite saddened to see posts like this. As it happens the Scottish Parliament has some tax raising powers, but the idea that this is all based on a financial equation is wide of the mark IMO. It would be far worse to raise the lockdown here too quickly, have a spike in cases, then have to impose...
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    Class 156 Largs services

    Given that there's few conductor operated workings out of Glasgow Central now, would it be so difficult to add the Ayr via Kilwinning and Largs branch to their route cards? Same would go for Ayr conductors. You'd at least have guards there with route knowledge for the next time that this has to...
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    380s on the Ayr Line

    Ticket examiners don't have any operational function, purely retail, so they don't need to be trained on how to work particular unit types etc.
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    Occasions where TOCs and FOCS regularly cover others work

    Sleeping on a train? Are you sure?? Is it not a nightshift turn maybe?
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    Occasions where TOCs and FOCS regularly cover others work

    The fife Circle loco hauled workings have DRS drivers. Freightliner did (and possibly still do) a lot of work for ScotRail when sets go to the works at Kilmarnock.
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    Trivia: Railway stations with thoroughfare

    Something that springs to mind reading this thread is that I believe there is no such concept as 'public right of way' in Scotland, it's just generally assumed that walkers have access to land under Scots law (someone with more expertise in that area will probably correct me). Just wondering if...
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    Trivia: Railway stations with thoroughfare

    Glasgow Central and Edinburgh Waverley are good for a short cut from one street to another. Mount Florida is another one, on a smaller scale.
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    Favourite ScotRail class of EMU?

    When ScotRail make their next procurement of electric units they would do worse than to have a modern version of the 314 and similar variants down in England. I've always liked the idea of the 379 units that London Overground have with the wide and open internal gangway style with inward facing...
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    Favourite ScotRail class of EMU?

    I don't think they work on any heavily loaded routes due to the internal layout. Might not be so bad on the North Clyde routes as they are very frequent within the city itself, but on the Cathcart routes they are prone to crush loading due to the panelling around the doors and the 3+2 seating...
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    Favourite ScotRail class of EMU?

    I actually went for the 380s as they are decent enough on the Cathcart routes and are quite versatile generally. But the 314s were far better suited for the line than the 318s or 320s. The main issue is the interior - they are not designed for high density inner suburban at all, and how they've...
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    Most exhilarating station approach

    Bridge Of Orchy. Steep downhill gradient in both directions into the station.
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    Class 321/322’s compatibility

    Yes. Has been done by ScotRail for years where Class 314s attached to 318s, 320s and 322s to work ECS movements. They were never permitted in passenger service due to differences in door controls, but technically nothing stopped them working in multiple. Another example is the class 321s being...
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    Trivia: Place names that you're not sure how to pronounce

    You don't know how to pronounce Newport?
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    Trivia: Elongated/Indirect Services

    There's an hourly Milngavie to Cumbernauld service which is an extension of the Milngavie-Motherwell service, running via Glasgow Central low level and Hamilton - the return operates the same route but to Dalmuir. Until recently there were half hourly Dalmuir or Dumbarton Central to Cumbernauld...
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    Scotrail Class 385 Discussion

    The drivers seem to have legitimate concerns here. I think safety, and the comfort of the person charged with controlling the train in a safe manner, comes before all of these things. These units barely do any services of over an hour, so the need for gangways was pretty non-existent. The person...
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    Scotrail Class 385 Discussion

    It's a good use of resources if that's what you have to hand. The top speed of the line and the capability of the unit aren't really relevant. Bringing in a completely new type of unit rather than build additional class 385 units effectively creates a sub class which couldn't be used elsewhere...
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    The continental approach to Safety

    Fair enough I'd take your point there, but I suppose if you place it in the context of the amount of effort that goes into factoring out human error in causing accidents and serious incidents, and is maybe indicative of a certain attitude here. Whether that's a wider H&S culture that exists, or...
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    The continental approach to Safety

    I've always been quite disdainful of British exceptionalism wherever it rears its head but I've often wondered that railways here are the safest for good reason. I don't think anything in the picture is necessarily that unsafe if, as pointed out, people take responsibility for themselves...
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    Drop in passenger numbers sees train services cut

    ScotRail timetables being reduced further from next week. As a general rule commuter routes will be hourly, including Edinburgh to Queen Street express service and Glasgow Central to Ayr. Long distance routes will be two hourly. Stranraer, Carlisle via Dumfries reduced to 2-4 services per day...
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    Luxembourg to introduce free public transport

    While Luxembourg being a small and relatively unique country, this scheme may be more complex to introduce nationwide elsewhere. It could be a good template for localised schemes. The Glasgow conurbation has about twice the population of Luxembourg, but would be interesting to see if the scheme...