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  1. Fawkes Cat

    "Nice" and "Not so nice" units working in multiple

    This was my regular commute when doing Oxford Road to Liverpool South Parkway. I chose to get on the carriage which was immediately in front of me. And I chose my position on the platform to go for the emptiest part of the train. It's not that long a ride, so the chances of getting a seat are...
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    Cambrian Heritage Railways acquires two Class 144 Pacers

    Would they have cost very much? Surely they are only of scrap value.
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    Covid-19 Hypocrisy.

    I don't think it's necessarily hypocrisy: it might be muddled thinking, or it might be that he has better information than you do. Muddled thinking: what are the comparative risks of work today against going to Singapore later this year? I suspect he is over-estimating the risk for today, and...
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    What travel is currently allowed by the legislation?

    I assume that @telstarbox has pointed us to the right regulations, and there is an updated version at, which ties in with what they seem to be saying on the radio and television, so I think is up to date. So I will assume that Regulation 6...
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    Buying house near tracks / Kent House station

    This won't directly answer your question, but have a look at the street at the front of the house that you're thinking about. Does it seem somehow rougher than neighbouring streets? Things like, are the cars older, the houses less well maintained and so on. And if so can you think of a rational...
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    Declaring Convictions to Employers

    The first question also has the virtue of being clear. You only have to watch the postings in this subforum to realise that there's no universal understanding of what's meant by 'criminal record'.
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    What would you like to hear from Boris Johnson's announcement on Sunday evening?

    You spend a lot less time walking past someone in the supermarket than you do if you have them round for tea.
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    What would you like to hear from Boris Johnson's announcement on Sunday evening?

    A little late to the party here, but to answer the headline question: 1) Testing to be ramped up (both in numbers tested and speed of processing) to give a near-to realtime (maybe within 24 hours, but the nearer to realtime the better) view of the current infection and rate of infection...
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    Declaring Convictions to Employers

    A little bit of a mismatch between the thread title and the content: this is about someone in a profession with a regulator and what they were required (and failed) to reveal to that regulator, not what they should have told their employer. And while absence of evidence is not evidence of...
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    Split ticket - Connecting train delayed - Court action

    For the 'how', see (Guidance Note: Vexatious Litigants and the Treasury Solicitor). But it wouldn't be easy (in the context suggested...
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    Trainspotting: is this currently essential?

    No, of course it isn't essential. And given that there are fewer trains out there than usual, it also seems a little bit pointless from the point of view of the spotters. But there may be things that we don't know. For example, the rules around only going out for exercise once a day have been...
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    Greater Anglia Penalty Fare No Knowledge

    So your advice to the OP is that although it wasn't them who avoided a fare, they should pay the penalty to avoid the railway being out of pocket? I'm not sure that follows.
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    Newton-Le-Willows to Manchester train commute

    TPE trains now run through Victoria rather than Piccadilly/Oxford Road. Might that make Victoria the best station to start from?
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    Greater Anglia Penalty Fare No Knowledge

    I'm not convinced that this is good advice. What the other side need to know is why they should give up at the earliest possible stage. Which amounts to explaining all the reasons why the person who was stopped on the train is not, in fact, the original poster. If you think about it, on the...
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    Greater Anglia Penalty Fare No Knowledge

    This is a good practical point. Pedantically, it doesn't *prove* that the OP didn't go out (it only shows where the phone was which need not be the same as where the phone's owner was), and how certain are we that phone location data is always right?) but it supports the argument that the owner...
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    Greater Anglia Penalty Fare No Knowledge

    It sounds as if you have already thought of a lot of the things that I suggested so I think you are already doing the right things. But to pick up on the quote above, I think there are two sides to it. You have told us that it wasn’t you. So morally I think you should fight this case, putting...
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    Greater Anglia Penalty Fare No Knowledge

    Welcome to the forum. To reinforce and supplement @ainsworth74 's good advice above: If you do not settle, it is close to certain that the railway will try to take you to court (but see below). But that shouldn't frighten you: you've told us that it wasn't you who fare-dodged and gave your...
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    Contactless out to Reading and Gatwick Airport

    Ah. Clearly I didn't read correctly - apologies for misleading.
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    Contactless out to Reading and Gatwick Airport

    If I have read correctly, then an off-peak day single routed as any permitted is £35.50, and allows travel via London. An off-peak day single routed via Gomshall (i.e via the North Downs line) is £26.80. So even if you are allowed to use your Contactless card without challenge, I...
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    Contacting Companies

    No. Please don't. Please use email if you possibly can (and I acknowledge the difficulties with this noted upthread). I'm one of the people this post might be meant for. But I'm in my bedroom in Bootle, and the post is in the office in Manchester. Someone is going to have to go into the office...