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    FirstGroup: Restructuring and Survival.

    ** Mod Note ** The discussion concerning the decline or otherwise of Midland Red West has been moved to a new thread. Please continue any debate there.
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    When will Scotland return to some sort of normal?

    Try this?
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    Forum upgrade complete

    You could always just ignore it ;)
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    When will Scotland return to some sort of normal?

    Yes, if people continue to take the Mickey it'll get stricter. Therefore it's in all our best interests to stick to the current guidelines and only travel a reasonable distance. Travelling for 60-70 miles to climb a mountain is not reasonable. "If" is the operative word here. I think the...
  5. GusB

    When will Scotland return to some sort of normal?

    The "within five miles" is a guideline and not a hard and fast rule, as has already been explained in this thread. For the avoidance of doubt:
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    Have you been to the beach? (English experience)

    No, it's a genuine question. Either you haven't been anywhere near the beach in two months, or it has probably been 30 years since you were on the beach at Blackpool. Both statements cannot be correct ;)
  7. GusB

    Have you been to the beach? (English experience)

    Which is it, then? Two months or 30 years :)
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    Do you have any model railway projects on the go?

    @ I'm maybe a bit late with the commenting, but I absolutely love this, especially the dilapidated coach (Duple Viceroy?) to the right. You have a very keen eye for detail, @Cowley
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    Lothian Buses and ECB Discussion

    The posts regarding a potential vehicle shortage at Stagecoach East Scotland when the schools go back are off-topic for this thread and have been moved here:
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    2nd Hand Unrepainted buses

    Eastern Scottish were by no means the only SBG operator to run vehicles in former owners' liveries. From 1985 when the group was re-organised there would have been multiple examples by virtue of the fact that depots were moved between companies. Strathtay's initial fleet would have been...
  11. GusB

    Opeators that still use Rollers blinds

    It is a little bit off-topic, but it was a practice undertaken by other companies too. I recall Northern using paper stickers to show origin and destination, but this was usually after a bus had been transferred from a different depot (or another company within the group), and hadn't received...
  12. GusB

    Leyland National Maximum Speed

    The Australian Nationals were an interesting case - they were actually built to an intermediate length at 10.9m, and constructed from a mixture of the long and short modules from the 10.3m and 11.3m versions.
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    Monopoly Areas

    Sometimes having competitors operating tendered routes, or tendered services during the evenings and weekends when another operator operates during the day, actually goes against the idea of integration and make things worse for the passenger. Although my evening and Sunday services have long...
  14. GusB

    Some interesting questions

    @DanT2014 - I'm glad that you feel you've received some interesting answers to your questions. However, as those questions did cover quite a broad range of topics, I feel this would be a good time to close this particular thread in order to prevent it becoming a general discussion. If you, or...
  15. GusB

    Who owns Leyland National PCD 80R?

    The site did mention events in 2020 (although these are liable to be cancelled, I'd imagine) so it has been updated fairly recently. There is a contact form - might be worthwhile dropping them a line.
  16. GusB

    Who owns Leyland National PCD 80R?

    After a quick web search I found , where if you click on the "Service history" page it'll give details of the current owner.
  17. GusB

    Some interesting questions

    Plaxton - Scarborough Burlingham - Blackpool? Harrington - south coast somewhere, but can't remember ECW - Lowestoft They're all seaside resorts, although I've no idea why.
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    Some interesting questions

    Welcome to the forum @DanT2014 , and don't worry about asking questions - you'll never find out if you don't ask. There was a thread discussing cross-border services a few months ago - might be worth having a scan back through "the archives". No doubt someone will be along to answer in more...
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    Leyland National Maximum Speed

    I have seen some hellish abuse of semi-auto boxes over the years, and not just on Nationals. The most common issue was drivers changing up without lifting their foot off the accelerator and not pausing in between gears as per the instruction manual that @PG has kindly posted above. I don't...
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    Trivia - Largest town to have NEVER had a railway service?

    Maybe not a large town as the thread title suggests, but Tomintoul might be a potential candidate. The roads are fairly horrendous, so it'd probably make an interesting railway project :)