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    Mojo - how do I private mail you?

    Mojo - how do I private mail you?
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    GWR HST Diagrams 2019

    Thanks mate. Admin feel free to lock this now or delete.
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    GWR HST Diagrams 2019

    Hi all, Apologies is this is already up on the group elsewhere but I can't find it so far... Can anyone share me some gen on HST Diagrams for GWR for the next couple of months? Usual disclaimers as always, IEP invasion may alter some! But some sort of idea would be a help Thanks I T S
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    Y2018/384 Driver Leeds - Northern Rail

    Are you referring to the Maintenance Depot Driver job? Any news?
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    Maintenance Depot Driver application structure

    Hi all, For the above position, I've completed the literacy and numeracy test online. I've now been invited to an interview for the position. I read somewhere else that it's a corporate interview first before the psychometric tests? Would anyone that's been through the same process be able...
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    AZUMA reaches HULL. Tues 29.05.18

    Morning Folks, Last night, The 'AZUMA' broke new ground and visited Hull for the very first time. After departing Doncaster just before 8pm, the train ran via Gilberdyke, Selby & Brough before reaching the coastal terminal. The train later ran onto Lincoln Central and then back to Doncaster for...
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    RPSI 'Branchline Explorer' Photos & Trip report. Sat 7th April 2018

    Photos from the tour are online to view at : 'Branchline Explorer' Locomotives used: 071, 074 , 086 On Saturday 7th April 2018, The RPSI Dublin Operations operated the...
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    Class 67's on MkIV drags

    On Friday 2nd March, 67010 worked the 1058 NCL / KGX with MkIV 82211 + 91106 On Saturday 3rd March, 67005 rescued failed MkIV (82222 + 91120) from Holgate Sidings in York and hauled it to Bounds Green for repairs - MkIV...
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    Greater Anglia on the ECML for exams...

    Recently, on a Monday to Friday basis, the 0600 x Norwich / Liverpool Street, runs to Bounds Green Depot near Alexandra Palace on the ECML for routine exams. The set then returns to Liverpool Street to form the 1800 back to Norwich in the evening peak. I believe this is due to the facility at...
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    Grand Central HST moves to Neville Hill for new life

    Ex GC HST's, 43465 + 43484 worked a 0742 Heaton Depot / Neville Hill transfer on Monday 1st January 2018. This is the first former 'Grand Central HST' to be transferred from Heaton with the remaining two planned to operate later in the week. These will now be under the ownership of East...
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    UK & Ireland Photographic reviews for the year

    Hi everyone, I've put together two seperate galleries for photographic reviews of the year 2017. One gallery is for Ireland and the other is for the 'UK - British Rail'. Click on the link below to view each gallery: Happy new year! UK Review ...
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    A week in Italy in pictures

    A gallery of images from my recent week in Italy have been uploaded to the site: Click on the link below to view:
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    Venice Rail Tickets - FIP questions

    Hi there, I'm trying to work out what the actual walk up fares are for various trips in Italy. I plan to start of in Treviso Centrale and head towards Verona or Peschiera Del Garda direction one of the days. Does anyone on this forum know how to find out the walk up fares for such trips? It's...
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    Royals Visit to 'VSOE' at London Paddington. Mon 16.10.17

    Royal Family / Belmond: Prince William, Harry & Duchess Kate Middleton attend Paddington Station. Monday 16th October 2017 On Monday 16th October 2017, Prince William , Prince Harry & Duchess Kate Middleton made a visit to London Paddington where they visited the 'Belmond VSOE' and the guests on...
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    UK & Irish Train Scenes - UK Gallery - September 2017

    Friday 1st September: Gbrf coal at York followed by a few pictures from Newcastle & Birmingham. Sunday 3rd September: Edinburgh Waverley & Haymarket during lunchtime. Click on the link below to view:
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    UK & ITS - UK July 2017

    The UK July 2017 has began with an upload of 150+ pictures from my trip to Cornwall this weekend. The itinerary was as follows: Friday evening - Night Riveria Sleeper from Paddington to Camborne Saturday - A day around Cornwall, St Ives Branch & Penzance area Sunday - Penzance to...
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    UK & Irish Train Scenes , Week ending 19th March '17

    Evening folks, A round up of pictures from this week on the link below: Monday 13th March: Lunchtime at Askham Bar mainly for the Mountsorrel / Carlisle ballast and the Network Rail test train amongst others. Thursday 16th March: Lunchtime at Askham Bar with the highlight being...
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    Round up of various images from this week - UK & Irish Train Scenes

    Afternoon folks, A round up of images from a bit of everywhere from this week have been uploaded to the website. Here's some details as to what you'll find if you click on the link below: Enjoy Monday 6th March: Pictures of the Network Rail test train at Hatfield & Stainforth with...
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    RPSI ''The Semaphore Finale'' - Derry line semaphore farewell

    Today, The Railway Preservation Society of Ireland operated ''The Semaphore Finale''' from Belfast to Castlerock & return using GNR Loco No.85 + 6 RPSI Mk2's. The train departed Belfast just after 1130hrs arriving into Castlerock just over 2 hours later where it was greeted with a great crowd...