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    Volunteer spray painting

    Agreed, it's deffo a skill that takes time! So far I've been involved with the spraying of four Cravens carriage for the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland in Dublin, we did the first one in 2008 and then never looked back. I'll see if I can dig out pics... More recently I've assisting...
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    Volunteer spray painting

    Something I've always wondered... anyone else out there who's been involved (or knows of) spray painting by being done by heritage groups? I'm not so much talking about vehicle painting contracted out to mainline facilities/commercial sprayers, but where it's been carried by volunteers? Not...
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    Irish Republic passenger closure dates?

    Fertilizer continued into the early 90s... last working over the line was an ill-fated weedspray train in 1995, weeds caught fire under the locos hauling thus ending the career of pioneer Irish GM No.121. A lot of the track remained until recent years but the road crossing at New Ross has been...
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    Alcoholic Drinks on Charter Trains

    Only operator (or at least was) in the world to offer draught Guinness! I think it's a fair enough rule tbh, operators (particularly preservation ones) need to make ends meet, having being involved in the operation of railtours at committee level you'd be surprised just how much of the...
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    IÉ 071 class multiple working

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    071 class GM tours

    An 071 is requested, as always subject to availability. 215 worked one weekend in 2011 but apart from that it's always been 071s. Not counting of course one weekend years ago when No.4 failed and 8208 had to be drafted in at the last minute!
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    071 class GM tours

    The RPSI will be using 071 class haulage on their evening (16:10 dept.) Santa trains from Dublin Pearse to Maynooth on Saturdays 29th Nov and 6th Dec (also Dec 13th but that's sold out). Booking form available here: Great excuse...
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    Irish GM tour Midleton-Dublin Friday 7th Nov

    The RPSI have a private diesel charter from Dublin Connolly to Midleton on Friday 7th November. The nominal empty train from Midleton to Connolly is available for the general public to travel on, flat fare €25 from Midleton (dept 15:00 or Cork (15:23) to Connolly (arr 18:50). Pay on the day...
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    RPSI Cravens carriages - new livery

    In CIÉ/IÉ days the Cravens were only ever one of two variants of orange and black. The new livery takes influence from the GNR(I) livery, but not quite the same. It should fit in well with steam or diesel. It's also similar to a former MGWR livery.
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    RPSI Cravens carriages - new livery

    The RPSI's Cravens catering vehicles 1514 and 1522 have been turned out in a new blue & cream livery, for pics click here 1514 is one of the few carriages in the world which sells draught Guinness!
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    RPSI Summer 2014 trips

    Booking is now open for the RPSI's Summer 2014 steam trips, including the Portrush Flyers out of Belfast (feat. GNR(I) Compound 85 'Merlin') and the Marble City trips from Dublin to Kilkenny (feat. DSER Mogul 461).
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    Irish rail operation

    There would be a checker on the Rosslare alright but no guard... not for many years in fact.
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    Irish rail operation

    I'm open to correction but I think the Nenagh branch isn't DOO. DOO started to be phased in with the railcarisation of the railway in the latter half of the 2000s. Very few staff still with active guard's certs these days. There's a limited pool available for RPSI operations (which obviously...
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    Irish compound No.85 Merlin back on mainline!

    Merlin has another running in trip on 4th May, this time from Belfast to Dundalk and back: Reports indicate she's performing well and hopefully will break new ground for her class when she runs to Howth, Enfield and Kilkenny on the Three Day Tour...
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    Loco hauled on the island of Ireland

    Afraid not, in fact it's now a good few years since the Gatwicks last ran (2009 maybe?). NIR even purchased an ex-BR DBSO, brought it to York Road and it's never seen service!
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    RPSI 'Galway Bay' diesel tour and 'Saint Canice' International Railtour May 2014

    Details now confirmed, Saturday will feature both 85 and 461 in action on the Howth branch, rarely visited by loco haulage of any kind, and never before by a V Class such as 85. It will also feature the first visit of a V Class to the Midland line to Enfield, and Kilkenny on the Sunday...
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    Irish compound No.85 Merlin back on mainline!

    Liked the seats in the mk2ds too. Also the wooden panelling, contributed to a nice atmosphere when travelling at night, something 'warm' about it. At least it lives on in 303. Incidentally 85 is no stranger to mk2d stock, having worked them on a Dublin-Belfast special in 2004, and again on a...
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    Irish compound No.85 Merlin back on mainline!

    The Whitehead (mk2) set has a ex-BR half brake (463)fitted with a genny, they also have an ex-IÉ 'Dutch' genny van No.462 (IÉ No.3158). In Dublin a the RPSI have a set of Cravens, with two BR mk1 genny vans, 3185 in Inchicore and 3173 under overhaul at Mullingar. (As an aside the Cravens are...
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    Irish compound No.85 Merlin back on mainline!

    Yes, that would be 303, former IÉ mkIId 5203. She returned to service last year. The RPSI also have 5106 (to be renumbered 304), while presidential saloon 5408 is on lease to them. These three are the only survivors of the once strong IÉ mkIId fleet.