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  1. Terrier

    Why has Avanti West Coast got rid of the seat selector?

    Speaking to a staff member it seems as though at the moment it's just ticking along. They've been told things will change within the next 2 years but have no statements or brand values even yet or no real information on what the future holds with the refurbished trains, services, tickets or even...
  2. Terrier

    Why has Avanti West Coast got rid of the seat selector?

    I'm sure they will, my point was they'll have to do a Seat Selector but then could have the situation, as trains are refurbished, that the train doesn't match the seat selector. Think in all honesty they did underestimate it as I believe only 2 other Tocs have the facility and none of these...
  3. Terrier

    Why has Avanti West Coast got rid of the seat selector?

    Whilst the majority won't be changing they are removing some seats out of 4/5 coaches and replacing with luggage racks so there will have to be some renumbering take place. Coach G is to be converted into a Standard Coach to give a uniform 3 first class coaches as well. Also the seat...
  4. Terrier

    Why has Avanti West Coast got rid of the seat selector?

    It's worth remembering also that the trains are shortly going to begin a major internal refurb which will also mean not only a seat layout change but also changes to the designation of coaches & possible coach Lettering. It's going to take 3 years to fully refurb so if seat selector is...
  5. Terrier

    Edinburgh to London tickets changing to via York rather than any permitted

    It's not just Edinburgh also the other two stations in the trial Newcastle & Leeds will become routed via Peterborough. This is as these were also valid via Sheffield historically. As other posters have said the open fares account for very little of the Edinburgh- London market via the West...
  6. Terrier

    Does anyone know the email address for Avanti customer services?

    Delay Repay is now dealt with by First Support I believe who are based in Sheffield not by Avanti Customer Relations hence difference
  7. Terrier

    Avanti West Coast rebrand

    It's due to damage caused by bombardier when the Virgin badge was removed I was told by a staff member
  8. Terrier

    Avanti train manager rejected digital railcard without QR code

    To display the QR code the app requires a 3G/4G signal also it won't work if connected to WiFi. Closing the app completely on the phone and then reopen it fixes this usually, but if the problem still exists then uninstall the app and reinstall. 99.9% of time the code then shows up. It's not...
  9. Terrier

    Avanti West Coast issues

    What you have to remember is that trains use a similar to an airline style ticket allocation system whereby seats are allocated a particular type of ticket. So yes there may have been table seats available but these are not allocated to the ticket type held. I'd say the majority of passengers...
  10. Terrier

    LNER New Fares Trial

    Expect to see a change in the restriction code very shortly
  11. Terrier

    LNER New Fares Trial

    Wouldn't be accepted seeing as the first connection from Edinburgh doesn't arrive into Manchester till 0924 so in time for the first off peak at 0935
  12. Terrier

    Avanti West Coast rebrand

    Because that was a commercial deal between Virgin & Trainline that couldn't be transferred across. Also First Group use a different web supplier who don't have that function. It is being looked at to try & reinstate but will take time and of course quite a bit of money to do. Let's not forget it...
  13. Terrier

    Northern and Fare Evasion

    Whilst there's no stipulation to (Yet!) I'm sure all these folk have a smartphone in their hand so could easily buy a ticket on an app whilst eating their cornflakes at home or when waiting on the platform for their train? And if they are commuting every day then surely they should be saving...
  14. Terrier

    Avanti Advance fare reservations problems?

    Maybe the wheelchair spaces & companion seats?
  15. Terrier

    Avanti West Coast rebrand

    Not fully new uniforms just Overcoat, Shell Jacket & Polo Shirt oh and a name badge. Rest is still the same. It'll take up to 18 months at least for a new uniform. Designs have to made and then negotiatiated with the Unions , Samples then produced, final design formally agreed on then it goes...
  16. Terrier

    Avanti West Coast rebrand

    Let's not forget Branson is very protective of the Virgin brand so more probable it was part of Virgin's stipulation that any reference to them Must be removed immediately
  17. Terrier

    Delay repay with 2 singles

    You can only claim on the affected part of the journey so depends which leg it was Outward or the Return
  18. Terrier

    Why are Euston gateline staff so hostile?

    A quick reset by staff usually fixes it or its not always the barrier it could be something as simple as a fingerprint on phone screen meaning code can't be fully scanned or phone screen not bright enough
  19. Terrier

    Virgin West Coast Open Access Application

    Virgin are proposing to use Voyagers on a hourly service Liverpool to Euston stopping at Lichfield, Tamworth & Nuneaton. Reservations only service thereby everyone guaranteed a seat in normal circumstances, In times of disruption if no seat available for the full journey then a full refund
  20. Terrier

    Avanti West Coast rebrand

    Except that the uniform is Navy Blue! Only reason they are wearing Hi Vis to stand out from passengers on platform whilst carrying out despatch after concerns were raised especially in bad weather/ darkness. The old red coats/jackets made it easier to distinguish