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    LNER reservation compulsory from 18 May! Will other operators follow suit?

    The bit i've highlighted in red really concerns me, surely to heavens they can manage the seat diagrams in the reservation system and only release suitably distanced seating. If this advice stays after the crisis is over the result for anyone boarding part journey, say with holiday luggage or...
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    Future ECML & LNER Services

    Don't understand your point, the existing services are 2h20m ish and 2h 40m ish, nowhere near 4h plus...
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    Future ECML & LNER Services

    I use the Bishop to Saltburn line to get into Darlo, not drive. In any case even for a car driver I'm not sure about the wisdom of swapping to a station with one tph to London, rather than one with 2tph plus the other opportunities for travel south if the ECML service starts to go awry.
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    Future ECML & LNER Services

    Just realised that Darlington to/from London will go from a fast tph and a semi fast tph, to a semi fast tph and an all stations slow tph, that won't be popular.
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    London Buses Thread

    Coincidence...of course it was. Lol. Big Bro is watching...
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    London Buses Thread

    Grey n Green with a little bit of Orange added in if I remember...
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    SPAD at Loughborough, 20/3/2020

    My maths makes that 378t...
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    Fastest double decker?

    With the standard red RT back axle/diff the maximum was normally very close to 48mph and that would be in an exceedingly good bus, the big issue was stopping them from that speed, especially if still going down hill, standing on the brake pedal with rear end twitching and the smell of hot brakes...
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    Fastest double decker?

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    Buses and the coronavirus

    Arriva North East in the Darlington/Bishop Auckland areas had also gone to Saturday start of service times, now from Monday coming they have reinstated an early journey on routes 1/5 which will greatly assist local key workers. The rest of the day is at most 2 or 3 pax from what i've seen, with...
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    Duty Cards

    In my admittedly very old LT experience, buses carried running numbers and attached (not physically) to a running number would be Time Cards and log sheet which the first crew or dvr/op of the day took to the bus and then left it on the bus until the last crew/dvr op of that running number...
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    Coronavirus virus effect on Heritage lines Summer 2020

    And a lot of preserved railway volunteers are pretty well preserved themselves, which won't improve matters even for premises security and the like. Very worrying for our heritage operations to be locked up unattended with schools closed and feral teenagers about!
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    Britain’s Bus Crisis: BBC One Monday 16th March

    Back to the actual subject... The one thread throughout the programme was of unreliability, either buses not turning up at all, or late running due to insufficient running time for the prevailing traffic conditions - yet no enforcement action to speak of by the authorities. The Traffic...
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    Buses and the coronavirus

    Arriva North East introducing a mostly hourly or in some cases two hourly or half hourly service with Saturday start times from Monday 23/3, Sundays unchanged.
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    Status of bus events

    Pretty sure every future event should be counted as cancelled as holding them would be in direct conflict with Government advice, possibly better to wait and see in late June if the picture is any better rather than keep posting here...
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    Dartmoor & Weardale Railways for sale

    And in time possibly an end on connection at BIA station similar to Ormskirk.
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    Dartmoor & Weardale Railways for sale

    Not sure that the signalling allows that, the only time in recent years I can recall trains passing on the branch was the Sunday evening return journey from Whitby which no longer runs. from experience that always passed with both trains in platforms at Heighington.
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    Dartmoor & Weardale Railways for sale

    I would have thought more of a case of Northern relinquishing one of its hourly paths between Bishop Auckland and Darlington to allow Weardale to run through from Stanhope to Darlington. Don't forget that much of the line is single track with few passing places. Also inter availability of tickets.
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    Northern Class 142 sightings

    It'll be re racked, no sediment left - otherwise I hope it's a cloudy wheat beer...
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    Availability of accessible rail replacement coaches

    Yes, your correct of course.