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    Different Driver Depots Route and Traction cards

    Man Vic - traction 142-150-153-155-156-158-319-195-331. Routes - Leeds via Bradford/elland Huddersfield via Ashton and guide bridge. Blackpool North, Blackburn, Liverpool, Man Airport, Chester via Warrington and Stockport Southport, Kirkby, Clitheroe.
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    Porterbrook Cl.769 'Flex' trains from 319s, initially for Northern

    No. Not game over at all. The safety case for the shell and vehicle are already in place. And that would be a matter for the ORR/RSSB. However, as a union they are not willing to accept shoddy cab cooling anymore. So considering its role to protect and represent Drivers then they are fully...
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    Porterbrook Cl.769 'Flex' trains from 319s, initially for Northern

    It's a very simple point that aslef raise. The 769 is a new type of train. All new trains must be fitted with a sufficient means of cab cooling, and sufficient ergonomic features. The onlder trains that don't meet this standard (150/319) have grandfather rights and therefore require no...
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    Current guidelines regarding driver minding duties

    I disagree. The minder/instructor needs to be able to get across and take control/stop the train as quickly as possible. Impossible to do with many forms of traction without touching the trainee. Even trying to see a Speedo/brake guage is difficult whilst 2m away. The members are partly at...
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    why is there a limit on how many units can work in multiple?

    I was told it was brake units you count. So sprinters was max of 12. Unless you had a 153 in it then it was limited to 10. If a 142 was involved then it's a max of 8.
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    TFW (Trainee Train Driver Cardiff and Chester_

    Well at my depot we have at least 10 spare turns daily. I've driven a handful of trains in several weeks. There is simply no work, and this is with cross cover work. No one except the odd night turn has been rest day work. Chester links sign - Holyhead - Manchester Pic. Llandudno...
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    TFW (Trainee Train Driver Cardiff and Chester_

    Yes. No second person in any cab, not even managers. I can't see how any training is going to take place, classroom training is impossible unless they go for a massively reduced number in a class. Even if they did then what? They can't go anywhere. And the amount of staff currently...
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    TFW (Trainee Train Driver Cardiff and Chester_

    From hull trains or GC? Bit far out to meet the 45 min travel time. I don't know of any other toc that has furloughed anyone. However I do expect TOC's to turn the taps off recruitment. Social distancing is going to be here for the long haul, and no training is happening, the ones already...
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    TFW (Trainee Train Driver Cardiff and Chester_

    Merseyrail, Northern and freight. It will be attractive to a few qualified drivers. At least 10 drivers applied last time they did it, and they took on 2.
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    Chester - Liverpool Merseyrail Services

    The Halton curve is potentially and usually faster. I know what the timetables say, but a clear run from Runcorn on the fast gets you in 3-5 mins quicker than advertised.
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    Depot Driver Passout

    1. Switch your headlights to red/flash if fitted if on a train, you could stick an arm out of your window. Show a red flag, or both arms in the air if of foot. in darkness show a red light, or wave any light vigorously. 2. if the dsd fails then its company/traction specific. some traction will...
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    Most popular TOC/Depots for driving trains ?

    I've worked for two TOC's. One had far better t&C's than they other - money isn't everything despite it being hailed as the defining factor. Northern had very good terms and conditions on the fnw side, with everything set in stone with no room for the company to change it. From driving...
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    Transport for Wales 769's

    Why put in seats then? It's only on short journeys as you said, so lots of grab handles should do nicely. Get rid of the toilets as well whilst we are at it. All nice to haves, but not really essential.
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    Best fish & chips near a station?

    The chippy at Walsden was superb. It's now gone. The wallgate chippy at Wigan is decent.
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    Merseyrail Class 777

    So in normal running it's not permitted. Like most things in the rule book they can be done with permission.
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    Impact of Covid-19 on the TfW 769 project

    There is no law saying 2m distance is to observed. It's recommended, but not written into legislation. It's irrelevant anyway, the units have not been accepted by the union anyway, and won't be until a few bits get modified or even rebuilt.
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    Transport for Wales using mid-cheshire line?

    No chance it gets routed for the mid Cheshire line solely. Only one link at chester signs it. No Junction or Holyhead drivers sign it at all. It's nonsense.
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    Count Down Board?

    They are yellow and black Signal ahead countdown boards are white and red.
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    TPE 'Abysmal' Performance

    Words mixed up? They were highlighted in bold. Some mixup to freak out your entire workforce. And the correction took a long time to get out. Sanitizer is and continues to be issued by my TOC, as do cleaning wipes for crews. Nearly every TOC has instructed guards to remain in the rear cabs...
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    TPE 'Abysmal' Performance

    This is a U-turn from the email from Liz Collins I saw then. I'll quote it.