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    Electrostar GTR cascade

    Yes, believe heavy maintenance will be undertaken at Selhurst, light work should be at Ramsgate. Edit: And I believe some at Stewart's Lane too?
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    Thameslink 377 on Southestern Duty?

    Indeed, one of the 377 diagrams incorporated the 16:20 London Charing Cross to Hastings - an express of 90 minutes petitioned for by Amber Rudd MP and, as such, called the Amber Rudd Super Express (abbreviate that yourself!) That changed earlier this year to 2x 375s instead of 377s. Then...
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    Thameslink 377 on Southestern Duty?

    For now... New pair of units from Bellingham sidings 16+47 Bellingham - London Blackfriars 17:47 London Blackfriars - Ashford 06:24 Ashford - London Blackfriars 08+12 London Blackfriars - London Victoria Shunt to Grovsenor sidings 16:22 London Victoria - Ashford 22:32 Ashford -...
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    Bromley South P3

    Indeed, as 30907 says, the crossover is now west of Bromley South (i.e towards London). Trains terminate in platform 2, change ends, then head back towards London using the crossover to join the Up Fast (i.e the line coming from platform 1).
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    shortage of southeastern 395's

    06:15 Margate to St Pancras International short-formed until further notice.
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    Damaged 395?

    Previously mentioned in the shortage of southeastern 395's thread a few weeks ago. End carriage 39201 of 395020 moved by road on 05/08/2016.
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    shortage of southeastern 395's

    End carriage 39201 of unit 395020 has damage to the nose. It moved by road to Wolverton for repairs 11 days ago.
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    377/5 refresh?

    377501 is currently undergoing C6 overhaul.
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    East Kent Signalling Phase 2: Why's it still not switched on?

    I know MarkyT has already explained it's more than that, but I thought I could briefly add to it. Intentions (...ahem!) were for ife expired signalling will be replaced Longfield to Sittingbourne, re-control of signalling to different areas, upgrade of level crossings, demolition of signalling...
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    Class 466 @ Cannon St

    It is booked to be there. Splits off 2H85 (1x466 + 2x465) from Tunbridge Wells which arrives at CST at 13:21. The 2x465 then work 2H41 at 13:33 to Tunbridge Wells, whilst the 1x466 berths in the platform for an hour. When 2O41 (2x465) from a loop service arrives at CST at 14:23, they join to...
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    Cannon St (London) Ticket Collection Machines

    Whilst the S&B TVMs are slower on the whole, I'm pretty sure Cannon Street have also been having frequent problems with their TVMs in recent weeks.
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    Southeastern Refurbished Class 375

    Off the top of my head 465909 and 465934 have returned with the work done. 465908 away in December and 465921 went away this weekend just gone to Doncaster for it. The BREL networkers will be done at Ilford and 465002 went away mid-January.
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    Southeastern Refurbished Class 375

    The following have been refreshed, in order of completion... 375301 375306 375304 375308 375307 375302 375309 375303 375305 375310 375617 375605 375616 375620 375626 375615 375610 375625 375607 375619 The following are currently at Derby... 375624 375606 375629
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    Eurostar e320 - mobile phone reception

    I noticed exactly the same, poor signal for 3G on the e320's. Like yourself the only place I got it was at Ebbsfleet and in the tunnel.
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    New Rochester station rebuild - finished by December?

    Indeed... Last service at 'old' Rochester is 01:45 to Gillingham on 12/12/2015. Rail replacement buses will then call at 'old' Rochester all day on 12/12/2015. First passenger call at 'new' Rochester should be 17:21 to Victoria in the up direction, and 17:26 to Herne Bay in the down...
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    Eurostar new e320/e300 class

    Don't know a full list, but for E320s I've personally been on 4007/08 and 4017/18 in passenger service.
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    TOPS Requests (including headcodes, allocations, traction, etc) [Instructions in Post 2]

    I missed the unit on 1M34 09:18 Southampton Central to Manchester Piccadilly on Saturday (14/11/2015)... would really appreciate if someone could let me know what it was.
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    Class 387

    That's correct. 387201 moved to Bletchley T.M.D on Monday evening. (not my picture)
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    Thameslink/ Class 700 Progress

    RLU and FLU markers will have different coloured borders (one purple, one blue). It's more that the 700s don't have side windows in the cabs. That could mean units stopping in inconsistent places, or slightly short. Therefore, to see the stop markers, the markers need to be a few feet in front...
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    Thameslink/ Class 700 Progress

    There will also be 'FLU' signs too (abbreviation for 'Full Length Unit' aka 12 car 700, as opposed to RLU for 'Reduced Length Unit' aka 8 car 700 or ALL for both), although presume no FLU's gone up yet. 700 stop markers have to be placed in different locations to existing stop markers for same...