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    National Rail Step Free Access Map

    I think in the examples I gave regarding places like Dorchester South perhaps some kind of One Way accessibility symbol might be useful?
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    Trivia - Residents' names for visitors

    Grockles is the usual term, but at the moment, the phrase is usually closer to f****** thoughtless ungrateful b******* who are unnecessarily travelling a long distance to our beaches etc and not only potentially bringing Covid19 with them, but also trashing the place, urinating and worse in the...
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    Android App for Departures only?

    On Android, I use (these are all effectively one click apps to get straight to the information required) Commuter Train Check (the developer posts on here) - allows to set your favourite journeys (the actual trains rather than just destination/arrival stations) Fasteroute - allows you to pick...
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    National Rail Step Free Access Map

    What would be useful is that some stations whilst notionally being step-free, do NOT allow you to cross platforms step-free without significant hassle - specifically where there are only two platforms. Two examples are (around a 20 minute walk to change if you have limited mobility /...
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    Buying second hand iPad

    If it was a close acquaintance then I hope they gave you the money back (or spoke with Apple having "found" the "stolen" iPhone and had the block removed)
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    Buying second hand iPad

    Even when resetting to factory settings, you need to make sure the original owner has removed the device from their apple account, otherwise you get tripped up by the Activation lock as noted by Trackman
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    What is this contactless terminal for at my station?

    Thanks for that, I always thought the issue I was having with making it work was because I was trying to use a railcard!! I have a lot of tickets just sat around in a shoe box - I keep meaning to see if there are of any use to somebody on here - I vaguely recall there is some kind of ticket project
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    What is this contactless terminal for at my station?

    I never succeeded pre-lockdown but it appeared to be possible in their Android app to buy and load a ticket as long as your phone was capable (my phone is, and I did manage to read information from my card). I'm not sure but its possible somebody else managed it
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    Dorchester South

    In answer to your questions a) as far as I am aware the accessibility improvements do NOT include either a ramped bridge or lifts thus meaning to change platforms via wheelchair for example, will still require the 20-25 minute trek around the roads or popping down to Weymouth on the train and...
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    NHS Coronavirus tracking app

    If you read the various bits of stuff around the various apps, there are quite good reason for using Bluetooth over other methodologies. I do agree though I generally have mine turned off unless I'm actually using it (same for NFC)
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    SWR Network Tickets

    There is also a FOSW rover which maybe of interest to you
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    Are your buses good value?

    First Wessex area / Dorset/Devon/Somerset Borders No its very poor value £7 return** from one town to the next for a 40 minute journey is just on the edge of okay, but the single is £5.50. Couple that with the incredibly poor timetable, means its actually quite difficult to plan a trip to town...
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    Trivia: trains which divide into more than two sections

    I think SWR services from London to Exeter do 3 splits
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    Carnet ticket - notice of intent to prosecute

    I can actually see that carnet as quite confusing to a casual user with no real understanding of the importance of the box that you as the passenger have to fill in. The printed parts seem to unequivocally state that the ticket is valid for 3 months from 15 May 18 until 14 Aug 18 - not just...
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    Forgotten Railcard Rights

    So I would say you need your "old" ticket as well as the "new" ticket in order to make this claim, so it shouldn't have been consicated, or at least you should have been given a receipt for it
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    Forgotten Railcard Rights

    I'll go and look for a proper reference but my understanding from posts on here, is that you should have been excessed up to the non discounted fare, and then had an opportunity later on to write and claim a refund on back down to the discounted price.
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    SW Railways Rules on Hair Colour

    is this new, i have seen other colours being used by staff
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    Microsoft moving towards Cloud Accounts Only

    Here Maps (originally Nokia Maps) allows you to download maps too
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    Missed National Express coach due to wrong map indication

    Thanks for the update
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    First Hampshire & Dorset

    Its been quite a few months, so I don't think so